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Since 2002, 136 of the 230 playoff teams (59.1%) began the year at either 1-1 or 0-2, including five teams last season and two division champions, NEW ORLEANS (NFC South) and WASHINGTON (NFC East), and the Super Bowl champion TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS. Three of the past four Super Bowl winners lost one of their first two games.

Last season, the first year under the new 14-team playoff format, nine playoff teams began the year by winning their first two games.

Since 1990, 62.7 % of teams (160 of 255) that start 2-0 advance to the postseason, while 41.6% of teams that begin 1-1 (184 of 442) make the playoffs. Out of the 258 teams that began a season 0-2, 30 advanced to the postseason (11.6%).

After Week 2, the records of teams that made the playoffs, won divisions and won Super Bowls since 1990:

2-062.7% (160/255)40.8% (104/255)7.5% (19/255)
1-141.6% (184/442)23.8% (105/442)2.0% (9/442)
0-211.6% (30/258)5.8% (15/258)1.2% (3/258)

A look at how playoff clubs in 2019 and 2020 began their seasons:

2019                                                                               2020

TeamAfter 2 gamesPlayoff ResultTeamAfter 2 gamesPlayoff Result
Baltimore2-0Advanced to DivisionalBaltimore2-0Advanced to Divisional
Buffalo2-0Advanced to Wild CardBuffalo2-0Advanced to AFC Champ.
Green Bay2-0Advanced to NFC Champ.Chicago2-0Advanced to Wild Card
Houston1-1Advanced to DivisionalCleveland1-1Advanced to Divisional
Kansas City2-0Won Super Bowl LIVGreen Bay2-0Advanced to NFC Champ.
Minnesota1-1Advanced to DivisionalIndianapolis1-1Advanced to Wild Card
New England2-0Advanced to Wild CardKansas City2-0Advanced to Super Bowl LV
New Orleans1-1Advanced to Wild CardL.A. Rams2-0Advanced to Divisional
Philadelphia1-1Advanced to Wild CardNew Orleans1-1Advanced to Divisional
San Francisco2-0Advanced Super Bowl LIVPittsburgh2-0Advanced to Wild Card
Seattle2-0Advanced to DivisionalSeattle2-0Advanced to Wild Card
Tennessee1-1Advanced to AFC Champ.Tennessee2-0Advanced to Wild Card
   Tampa Bay1-1Won Super Bowl LV
   Washington1-1Advanced to Wild Card

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