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I want to try and spice these rankings up every week but we are going to see some new teams and some returners, realistically you know who is going to come number one every week they don’t have a bye. I’m sorry.

1 – SGS Pride – South Western 1

Let’s just call this the SGS Pride spot, they put on another dominating performance and Week 4’s sacrificial lamb? The Exeter Demons who should be happy they didn’t get 50-burgered by the Pride, allowing 41 points against them and scoring nothing. The bad news is SGS have another game this week so get ready to see the Pride at the top for another week.

2 – Newcastle Raiders – Borders 1

We see our first big move of the rankings, Newcastle going from #4 to #2 and I fear it could be their height as long as Pride have games. This week pitching a shutout victory over the Edinburgh Predators, 32-0. The Raiders move up and also to 3-0 and I can see them being 4-0 as they take on the Hull Sharks this week who have a scoring total of 10 all season. Expect another shutout from the Raiders this week.

3 – Brunel Burners – South Eastern 1

A new challenger approaches, Brunel have played 3 games this season and 2 of them have been 50 burgers, 50-28 against QMBL and now 58-0 over the ARU Rhinos in Week 4. They seem to be on the right track, but this week they face the team that have handed them their only loss, the Imperial Immortals who managed to completely stifle the high-powered offence of the Burners beating them 0-8. Though Imperial didn’t play this week, I am just saying they are creeping up the rankings.

4 – NTU Renegades – Midlands 1

Three games for the Renegades, two shutouts and their lone loss coming from Loughborough 22-20. They have the right formula and with struggling teams like Coventry and Leicester in their division, the advancing Warwick Wolves and Loughborough will prove challenging, but as NTU have the 0-3 Leicester Longhorns in Week 5 and Loughborough have the 1-2 Coventry Jets, I don’t see the division standings changing very much.

5 – Sheffield Hallam Warriors – Northern 1

I love the Warriors and they are pulling ahead and if they can pull out a victory against Manchester on the 12th of December, they can win the division as far as I am concerned. They lost to Manchester by 2 points in their Week 3 meeting but have won all their other games including a Week 4 victory over the LJMU Fury, I think that game between the Tyrants and Warriors could spell the winner of the division and both teams probably know that.

One To Improve

Reading Knights – South Eastern 1

Currently sitting at a completely scoreless 0-3 and a point differential of -100, the Knights have not scored a single point over three games and could see themselves down in Div 2 without a huge turnaround but considering their 28th November game is their first meeting with the kings of the rankings, SGS Pride. I can’t see Reading getting their season on track enough to avoid relegation, the point differential next week could be a shocker.

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