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The Uniball season begins again soon, so take the gloves someone got you for Christmas and make some catches you take the field again. But before you decide to break them in, let’s look back at who shined the brightest in the first half of the Divison 2 Uniball season.

1 – Liverpool Raptors – Northern 2

Holding a 4-0 record and 8 of those sought after BUCS points, the Liverpool Raptors have taken the Northen 2 division in their talons.

Within their 4-0 record, they hold 2 shutout victories and most importantly beat the UCLAN Rams who were going into their game with the Raptors with 2 shutout victories having scored 40+ on their opponents, which was a far cry from the 2 points they scored against the Raptors.

When they return from the midseason break, the Raptors have the 1-3 Aberystwyth Tarannau where unless there is a change in the Aberystwyth side will kick off the second half of the season with a Raptors win.

2 – Bournemouth Uni Bobcats – South Western 2

Another 4-0, 8 BUCS points having team, the Bobcats haven’t had as many shutout victories as the Raptors but considering they end the first half of the season with a +77 point differential, only 10 behind the Raptors.

What is going to be a godsend for the Bournemouth Bobcats, which could mean the South Western 2 crown comes to Bournemouth is that they only have 1 game in the second half of the season.

With the 23rd of January being Bournemouths only game in the second half of the season due to Worcester Royals dropping out of the season, it means the only thing standing between Bournemouth and an undefeated season is the Gloustershire Gladiators and considering the Glads are currently 0-5 and coming off 2 shutouts, it’s very likely Bournemouth are going to take the South Western Div 2 crown.

3 – Glasgow Uni Tigers – Borders 2

The last of the 4-0, 8 BUCS point teams, the Glasgow Uni Tigers have been consistently winning games in Borders 2.

Their record boasts 2 shutout victories, though one only by 6 points but a shutout is a shutout, considering their first opponent back is the 0-2 UWS Pyros it could end up being 5-0 once their season restarts.

Now the Tigers aren’t in the same boat as Bournemouth, they have a team biting on their heels and the chasing team have a much more destructive path in their wake…

4 – Edinburgh Napier Knights – Borders 2

Scheduling seems to be the only reason why the Napier Knights aren’t at the top of the Borders and the top of these rankings.

The Napier Knights have a 3-0 record which ends up being 6 BUCS points. The Knight have a pair of astounding statistics, a point differential of +130 which is the highest in Divison 2 and all three of their victories have been shutouts, all of which have seen them score 38+ points.

Now the scheduling might have allowed for Glasgow to have more BUCS points but the schedule has shaped up nicely for a showdown for the Tigers last game, as the Knights and the Tigers face-off Superbowl Weekend, the 13th of February.

5 – Kent Falcons – South Eastern 2

Sitting at 3-0 the Kent Falcons are the only undefeated team left in the South Eastern Div 2. Despite there being another 3-1 team in the KCL Regents, due to a loss on their record given to them by the Falcons, they lose out of the top spot.

The Falcons record has 1 shutout victory but also a 6-2 victory over the Greenwich Mariners.

The Falcons road to South Eastern Div 2 Glory isn’t going to be a forgone conclusion, despite it being easier because of the win over the Regents. The Falcons have the 2-1 Cambridge Phytons and both Phenoix teams, UEL and Canterbury.

6 – Brighton Panthers – Southern 2

The last 3-0 Div 2 side, Brighton sit with a point differential of +20 which is low considering the 3-1 OBU Panthers sit below them with a loss but a differential of +53.

The Brighton Panthers road to 3-0 isn’t as stellar as some of the other teams in this list, as it features a walkover victory against the Chichester Spitfires, but two wins over OBU and Winchester has propelled them to the top.

Brighton’s first match back features them against the 1-2 Kingston Cougars and if they can defeat the currently undefeated 2-0 Oxford Lancers in their last game of the season, this could be Brighton’s divison to lose.

7 – Nottingham Green/ Staffordshire Stallions/ Lincoln Colonials – Midlands 2

The Midland 2 has been a division in turmoil, with 4 walkovers already dished out, 3 of which are from the Chester Legion dropping out of the season and 1 from Huddersfield Hawks for Notts Green.

So all three of these teams have played 3 games, won 2 and lost 1. Whilst the Green and Stallions have already been awarded their walkover victories, while the Colonials will receive theirs for the scheduled game with the Legion on the 23rd of January.

This division is fully up for grabs for the 4 teams at the top, which is all three of these teams plus the DMU Lions who are 2-0 with their walkover victory of the Legion, it means DMU have only played 1 game so far this season, beating Staffordshire 50-6.

DMU have the ability to play spoiler for the rest of these teams, as they are currently a relative unknown due to their lack of playing time.

But DMU can impact the Midlands 2 standing as soon as the season restarts as they take on Nottingham Green on the 23rd of January then the Colonials on the 30th.

Whilst Staffordshire coming off an 18-6 victory over the Colonials will face the 1-2 Keele Crusaders on the 30th as well.

One To Improve

Chichester Spitfires – Southern 2

The only 0-5 division 2 team going into midseason, the Spitfires currently sit with a point differential of -80.

Given that the Spitfires only have 1 game when they come back from the midseason break against the 0-2 Winchester Silverbacks.

This game should be one where the players and coaches are testing things out for the next year and hopefully give their 3rd year and masters students a good send-off.

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