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As the playoffs come to a close and you either won or lost your championship, who were the players that made the top fantasy football lineup in week 16?


Top QB Of The Week

Josh Allen 32.3 Points

Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs destroyed their division rival in week 16 and they look like they may be able to give their Chiefs a run for their money at this rate. I can’t help but wonder what Brady’s numbers would have looked like if they played him in the second half though.

  1. Josh Allen – 32.3 points
  2. Tom Brady – 29.9 points
  3. Deshaun Watson – 26.8 points
  4. Andy Dalton – 26.6 points
  5. Ben Roethlisberger – 25.5 points

Top RB Of The Week

Alvin Kamara 56.2 Points

We didn’t expect another performance like Tyreek Hill’s a few weeks back but Kamara with a record-tying six touchdown runs did just that. I feel sorry for you if you went up against him in your championship but he could have easily had a seventh TD if Payton hadn’t cheated him by putting in Hill.

  1. Alvin Kamara – 56.2 points
  2. Myles Gaskin – 33.9 points
  3. Samaje Perine – 29.6 points
  4. David Johnson – 28.9 points
  5. Jeff Wilson – 27.4 points

Top WR Of The Week

Davante Adams 43.2 Points

It’s a fitting end to the season that Davante Adams has a huge week and leads week 16 despite several others also having massive fantasy days. He’s been the No. 1 receiver on the season by 13 points ahead of Tyreek Hill and he’s been stupidly consistent.

  1. Davante Adams – 43.2 points
  2. Stefon Diggs – 41.5 points
  3. Mike Evans – 40.1 points
  4. Michael Gallup – 30.1 points
  5. Jamison Crowder – 29.32 points

Top TE Of The Week

Irv Smith – 23.3 Points

The Vikings might have found themselves a star TE in their first-round pick from last April. He snagged two TDs in that high scoring fantasy matchup versus the Saints and they might move on from Rudolph after the season he’s had.

  1. Irv Smith – 23.3 points
  2. Jimmy Graham – 22.9 points
  3. Travis Kelce – 22.8 points
  4. Rob Gronkowski – 19.8 points
  5. Darren Waller – 16.2 points

Top DEF Of The Week

Dallas 15 Points

I thought it might have been an excellent showing from Washington and they take the division title but it was the opposite as Dwayne Haskins propelled the Carolina defence to the top of the week by a country mile.

  1. Carolina – 21 points
  2. Tampa Bay – 12 points
  3. San Francisco – 11 points
  4. Baltimore – 10 points
  5. Dallas – 10 points

And that was the top fantasy football lineup for week 16 of the NFL season!

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