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With the NFL now five weeks into the 2020 season and several players having career years, who is in the lead in the race for the MVP award?

So NFL fans we are five weeks into the NFL season (It’s passing way too quickly) and amid undefeated teams, winless teams, COVID teams and injury-ravaged teams, there are several players making their case for this seasons MVP award. Despite some outstanding performances from other positions, the quarterback position is always the best place to look for the league MVP, even McCaffrey, who had 2,350 all-purpose yards last year couldn’t overhaul the quarterback’s power over this award.

And on that note here are the top 3...

Russell Wilson NFL MVP race
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Russell ‘Dangeruss, Mr Unlimited’ Wilson

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, this guy has never had an MVP vote…how? He’s been outstanding since the moment he stepped into the league and the seasons he has played lights out he has unfortunately been outdone by Cam Newton’s 2015 season, Patrick Mahomes 2018 season and Lamar Jackson’s 2019 Season.

This season however he seems to be cooking up a storm with the Seahawks now currently 5-0. His key stats are as follows:

  • 72.7% completion percentage – This is some 6-7% higher than his average over the last 8 years.
  • QB Rating 129.8
  • Yards – 1,502 passing and 153 rushing
  • TD/INT Ratio – 19/3

Its early days but if Wilson keeps playing like this he still has potentially Phillip Dorsett and Josh Gordon to join that receiving core. An upgraded offensive line has provided a strong run game and the hawks are flying high.

Josh Allen 2020 NFL MVP race
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Josh Allen

In the offseason, I selected the Bills to win the AFC East and most people that shot me down was because of the accuracy issues with Josh Allen. Over the last couple of seasons, he has seen improvement and with yet more upgrades for the offensive weapons of the Buffalo Bills, it’s not a surprise to see him improving again.

So let’s take a look at some of the differences this season that makes him an MVP candidate:

  • 70.9% Completion Percentage – Josh Allen has never even broken the 60% mark before with 58% being his best effort last year. This is a huge jump in terms of completion percentage but a lot of this is due to him being more accurate with the football.
  • QB Rating – 122.7
  • Yards – 1,326 passing and 83 yards rushing (Including 3 TDS)
  • TD/INT Ratio – 12/1

Josh Allen doesn’t even have to run as much as he has the past two seasons due to the improvement in the passing game but in the RedZone, he is as big a threat as any other offensive player. He is protecting the football and on career highs in almost every notable statistic. If he keeps this up and the Bills knock the Patriots off the top spot in the AFC East he will be a candidate for the MVP.

Aaron Rodgers 2020 NFL MVP race
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Aaron Rodgers

I very much had the Green Bay Packers taking a step back this year but boy have they proved me wrong so far. Aaron Rodgers is already a two-time winner of the NFL’s most valuable player award and with good reason. He hardly ever throws interceptions; he is clutch and is probably even more dangerous out of the pocket than he is in it. This year everyone thought the Packers made a huge error in who they drafted specifically in the first round. It provided absolutely zero immediate impact to the organisation but Rodgers seems to have a point to prove this year.

So how do his numbers stack up so far?

  • 70.5% Completion Percentage Rodgers has never had a completion percentage in the ’70s in his entire career even when he won his MVP awards.
  • QB Rating 128.4 (Last time he had a QBR above 120 he won the MVP in 2011)
  • Yards – 1,214 passing and 31 yards rushing
  • TD/INT Ratio – 13/0

If these trends continue the Packers could well be in for a Superbowl run and Rodgers MVP might not be far behind.

All three of these quarterback’s teams are currently undefeated (at the time of this article being written) and have decent schedules upcoming. If they continue along the paths they are currently trending then all three could be in with a shot at winning the MVP by seasons end.

Who do you think is winning the race for the MVP Award in the 2020 NFL season?

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