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NFL Betting Selections week 1

This year I am going to put up winners for every game. This is due to me having an 89% hit rate last year across picks leagues.
We will also choose 3 ‘top selections’ highlighted below, and a potential upset of the week

(All odds accurate at time of tip creation and are subject to change)

Week 1 List – Acca Odds (2320.36/1)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers over Dallas Cowboys @ 2/7

Atlanta Falcons over Philadelphia Eagles @8/15

Buffalo Bills over Pittsburgh Steelers @ 4/11

Carolina Panthers over New York Jets @2/5

Minnesota Vikings over Cincinnati Bengals @4/7

San Francisco 49ers over Detroit Lions @2/7

Jacksonville Jaguars over Houston Texans @4/6

Seattle Seahawks over Indianapolis Colts @8/11

Tennessee Titans over Arizona Cardinals @4/6

Los Angeles Chargers over Washington Football Team @5/6

Cleveland Browns over Kansas City Chiefs @9/4

Green Bay Packers over New Orleans Saints @8/15

New York Giants over Denver Broncos @5/4

New England Patriots over Miami Dolphins @4/6

Los Angeles Rams over Chicago Bears @2/7

Baltimore Ravens over Oakland Raiders @4/9

Top Three Selections

Minnesota Vikings over Cincinnati Bengals @4/7

The Vikings run game and pass game are very good. They gave up way too many points on defence last year due to massive losses on the defensive line. They got some of them back and added some pieces to stop that happening this season.

Los Angeles Rams over Chicago Bears @2/7

The Ram’s defence is very good all round. They keep opposition teams to low scoring which gives them every chance to win games. With Stafford now at the helm expect a step up on offence.

Jacksonville Jaguars over Houston Texans @4/6

The Texans are a bit of a mess right now and the Jags have done well this offseason. Their new number 1 selection should be able to take advantage of the Texans secondary.

Potential Upset

Miami Dolphins over New England Patriots @ 5/4

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