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Atlanta Falcons (7-10)

This team could have easily been 5-2 to start the season if they didn’t throw away games in the 4th quarter. They put up plenty points, but their defence was extremely leaky. Losing Julio Jones is a big loss to Matt Ryan and no matter how talented Pitts may be, he’s not Julio. New head coach in place will hopefully boost the offence but the defence needs to step up or could be another tough season.

Carolina Panthers (9-8)

A team I expect to improve a lot this year is the Panthers. Their superstar running back is back after injury, they have added some more weapons and taken in Darnold from the Jets. Their offensive line is still questionable, but they have so much speed at the skill positions and their defensive picks from last season all looked good.

New Orleans Saints (10-7)

One of the most difficult teams to try and predict this season, the New Orleans Saints have had Drew Brees retire, Winston wins the starting gig, and a number of high-profile players leave or had to be cut due to them going miles over the cap. On the upside Winston can now see, he’s had a whole pre-season with the group and has quality on the offensive line and at the skill position. If he plays well the Saints could win more games than this but it, he plays poorly they could see themselves under the Panthers.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (14-3)

The Buccaneers are the reigning Superbowl champions and have returned their full squad from last season. They have then restructured deals to get some more weapons in and that must scare everyone. They weren’t the greatest regular season team, so they likely drop a few games but expect these guys to be trying to double down for back to back Superbowl titles.

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