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There is an arms race happening in the AFC West so we’ve given our 2020 record predictions as to what we might think will happen!

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2020 Record Predictions AFC West Denver Broncos
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Denver Broncos (3-13)

The Broncos are a weird team to gauge this year. After drafting a lot of playmakers for Drew Lock, but not adding much protection for him. They have a tough ride through their schedule where I see wins at the Jets and Dolphins through eight weeks. It doesn’t get any better in the second half of the season. I see a win against the Panthers being their only one in a tough schedule.

Kansas City Chiefs (14-2)

The reigning Superbowl champions have retained almost the entirety of their triumphant squad from last season. Having some veterans on big contracts having now won a title, there is now a risk they can switch off so let’s see what they have in their schedule. Through the first nine games, their toughest opponents are the Ravens and Bills. However, I don’t think they lose to any of the teams in the first half of the season as Mahomes seems to have the Ravens number the last couple of years. I think they win all the way down until week 12 where they then lose to the Buccaneers where Brady knows the Chiefs and has some great offensive weapons. The Saints will also beat them three weeks later in the Superdome.

2020 Record Predictions AFC West Raiders
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Las Vegas Raiders (7-9)

Another team I had really high hopes for going into this season however they really didn’t draft great in my opinion. They added some good players in free agency, most notably, Jason Witten. They start with a game I think they will win against the Panthers and then have a truly horrible schedule in weeks two through seven where I don’t see them picking up any wins. In the back half of the season, I think they beat the Chargers and the Broncos twice as well as beating the Jets and the Dolphins.

Los Angeles Chargers (7-9)

The Chargers have moved on from Philip Rivers after 15+ years and have gone with a new young rookie at quarterback. Their defence is absolutely stacked and the playmakers on offense are pretty good as well. The offensive line and Herbert’s ability to read the game at the pro level have to be the main concern here. Their schedule has a mixed bag through the first half with them losing to the Chiefs, Buccaneers, Saints and Raiders to leave them 5-4 before the bye. In the second half, wins over the Broncos twice is about as good as it gets though.

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