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Peyton Manning sucked, but is he the worst to ever win a Super Bowl? We dive into the analytics to see if anyone is worse than the 2015 husk of Peyton!

Peyton Manning sucked and had the worst season of any Super Bowl-winning QB ...
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Now that I have your attention with my clickbait headline.

During the off-season, we often have time for debates as we count down the hours until football season. Often when talking about this we ask who the best is, is it Brady or is it (Insert the name of any other QB)? But let us flip this on its head and take a dive into the numbers, who is the worst QB to win a Super Bowl?

First, how are we going to decide this? Well, we can look at performance in the Super Bowl itself, we have a clear winner there, with a QB rating of 22.6 Ben Roethlisberger wins that award by some margin. In what was truly an assault on my senses and made me question why I had decided to waste my time in an overcrowded and overpriced bar in Edinburgh, Big Ben went 9/21 for 123 yards and 2 interceptions in the Steelers win over the Seahawks. He did rush for a TD so, yay, helping.

But that was maybe just a QB having a bad game. Who had the worst season? Which team managed to drag itself to the Super Bowl despite its QB’s awful performance? Peyton Manning and the 2015 Denver Broncos!

Manning was a shell of his former self in 2015, he ended up getting benched for Brock Osweiler and his yards per attempt fell from his average of 7.7 to 6.8. He threw for nine TD’s all year and had 17 interceptions.  His advanced stats were just as horrendous his DVOA rating for the year was -25.8 which put him 36th for 2015 and puts him last among Super Bowl-winning QB’s since 1992 (not including Nick Foles who didn’t play enough regular-season games to get a ranking). His playoff yards per attempt is also tied for the lowest with 2001 Tom Brady at 5.9 yards per attempt.

His performance in the game itself was not much better. Manning went 13/23 for 141 yards and an interception. His QB rating of 56.6 is the third-lowest for a Super Bowl winner, just behind John Elway’s 51.9 in 1997.

The Broncos ended up winning Super Bowl 50 thanks to excellent defence and the kicking of Brandon McManus. But what about another QB who is often mentioned in these discussions? Trent Dilfer and the 2000 Ravens, a team built around a ferocious defence and Trent Dilfer staying out of the way as much as possible. In 2000, Dilfer only played eight regular-season games, posting a QB rating of 76.6 and a DVOA of -25.8 (ranking 35th). Dilfer went 12 of 25 for 153 yards and a TD, he managed to avoid throwing any interceptions as the Ravens lent on Jamal Lewis and the running game. Kerry Collins threw four interceptions for the Giants and the three-point favourite Ravens won 34-7.

So who is the worst QB to win a Super Bowl? 2015 Peyton Manning was certainly had the worst year-long performance that resulted in a Lombardi trophy. Roethlisberger truly stunk it up on the biggest stage of all and you can say that the team did win despite him. Dilfer we can say had the worst resume before and after winning his Super Bowl and is probably the least talented of all the winners I looked at since 1992.

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