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Part 2 – The Bad

Well another season of the NFL is in the books with yet another Tom Brady Superbowl win, this time with his teammates at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Over the season there was some great moments and a great effort made to not cancel a single game due to covid-19.

So 3 of us decided to look into the seasons Good, Bad and Ugly. For each section we picked a team, a player and a coach and compiled them into a list.

So here we go. . .


San Francisco 49ers (1 Vote)

After making the Superbowl last year and coming back with almost the same roster other than replacing Deforest Buckner with Javon Kinlaw and adding left tackle Trent Willaims the 49ers were expected by many to be seen in the playoffs again, even with Jimmy G at quarterback. That was not to be however as some major injuries and poor play on offence and defence ended with the team having a season record of 6-10. They have a young and talented roster but will need a new leader at quarterback to take them back to the playoffs.

Houston Texans (1 Vote)

The Houston Texans went from being 24-3 up against the Kansas City Chiefs in the 2020 playoffs to a dismal 4-12 record in 2020. This in part is due to them pretty much giving away Hopkins and leaving themselves with no picks in the draft. Although once again Deshaun Watson played lights out there was very little help and their defence was downright dreadful. This coupled with having their coach & GM sacked the organisation really suffered.

Philadelphia Eagles (1 Vote)

The Philadelphia Eagles looked in trouble before the season even started in 2020 with their draft selections being strange reaches and a huge number of players on the injury list before they started. Then in season, some more major injuries on both offensive and defensive lines looked to have sunk the Eagles chances. Add to this Carson Wentz somehow went from a guy that was once in the MVP running to throwing to the opposition more than his own team the season ended up with a 4-11-1 record.


Carson Wentz – Philadelphia Eagles (2 Votes)

Carson Wentz guided the Philadelphia Eagles into the playoffs in 2017 before Nick Foles took over due to injury and the rest is history. However that year Wentz was on track to be in the MVP conversation. The Eagles paid Wentz with a decent size contract and were ready for him to lead the team again. Unfortunately, something wasn’t quite right with him and he ended up with a 57% completion percentage for 2600 yards and 16 Touchdowns to 15 Interceptions.

Jimmy Garoppolo – San Francisco 49ers (1 Vote)

Before the season we did an article that said Jimmy G was the biggest weakness of the 49ers team. He was a game manager last season when the 49ers made the Superbowl but ended up costing them the title. This season they stuck with him and he once again struggled. Through 6 games although his completion percentage was 67% he only threw for 1000 yards with 7 Touchdowns to 5 Interceptions before getting another season-ending injury.


Mike Zimmer – Minnesota Vikings (1 Vote)

After appearing in the conference championship game in the 2020 playoffs the Vikings drafted some more weapons for their offence and defence. Zimmer had the team all prepared, however he lost his offensive coordinator Kevin Stefanski to the Browns head coach position. The season didn’t go to plan as the Vikings slipped to a 7-9 record. Zimmer is likely to be on the hot seat next year however if the team can hit on draft picks like it did in 2020 it could get quickly back into the playoffs.

Dan Quinn – Atlanta Falcons (1 Vote)

A coach we tipped as being on the hot seat before the season started Dan Quinn did his best to get the Atlanta Falcons going in 2020 but it wasn’t to be. They lost 2 games that looked impossible to lose from winning positions and slumped to 4-12 record. The team has a really good offence and the defence has showed up in some big games however it wasn’t enough to save Quinn. It’s not all bad news though, he has a new job as the DC at the Dallas Cowboys.

Bill O’Brien – Houston Texans (1 Vote)

I’m not quite sure where to start with Bill O’Brien as a head coach/general manager. First, he gave a huge deal to Tunsil and Watson before trading Hopkins for a packet of biscuits and a Freddo. This team was in the playoffs last year but due to having no draft picks and no top receiver for Watson they really struggled. The team was in a lot of games so clearly had some talent going that O’Brien just couldn’t get the best of. He subsequently was sacked and has taken up a job as the offensive coordinator of Alabama.

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