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Part 1 – The Good

Well another season of the NFL is in the books with yet another Tom Brady Superbowl win, this time with his team mates at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Over the season there was some great moments and a great effort made to not cancel a single game due to covid-19.

So 3 of us decided to look into the seasons Good, Bad and Ugly. For each section we picked a team, a player and a coach and compiled them into a list.

So here we go. . .


Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2 Votes)

Well, they were going to be an obvious choice in this section. The Bucs successfully put together an exceptional roster and built as the season went on. With Brady at the helm, they adjusted their scheme on offence and relied on their defence to keep the opposition from scoring. In the end, they gained themselves a wild card spot and the rest is history as they went all the way and won the Superbowl.

Cleveland Browns (1 Vote)

The Cleveland Browns have been the top of preseason talk over the last few seasons. They have had a pretty solid roster and then never managed to do anything with it. This year however they did some good bits of business before the season and then after an opening day thumping to the Ravens went on a really solid run to make the playoffs for the first time in 18 years. In the playoffs, they easily dispatched the Steelers and then ran the Chiefs really close.


Travis Kelce – Kansas City Chiefs (1 Vote)

Travis Kelce has become the premium tight end in the NFL. With Kittle injured nobody really got close to him in terms of stats. He finished the season second in receiving yards amongst receivers and tight ends with 1416 yards and 11 touchdowns. Even though the Chiefs never managed to win the Superbowl he set a record for tight end reception yards in a Superbowl. He is a good blocker but his route running and finding soft spots in coverage are second to none.

Aaron Donald – Los Angeles Rams (1 Vote)

Aaron Donald picked up his 3rd Defensive Player of the Year title off the back off his performances this season. For a defensive tackle his stats are crazy and it’s not just his stats he makes better. Other players that have struggled elsewhere come to the Rams and have career years because Donald demands so much attention. This year Donald had 13.5 sacks, 4 forced fumbles and 45 tackles even though he was double-teamed on 69% of his snaps.

Justin Jefferson – Minnesota Vikings (1 Vote)

Justin Jefferson was absolutely outstanding as a rookie this season and although that wasn’t enough to win him Rookie of the Year it was enough to earn him All-pro and pro-bowl selections. He broke an 18-year-old rookie receiver record of Hall of Fame receiver Randy Moss and broke the all-time NFL rookie receiving record of Anquan Boldin by racking up 1400 yards. He finished 4th in yards and had 7 touchdowns to add to that total.


Sean McDermott – Buffalo Bills (1 Vote)

The Bills had a fairly solid team going into the 2020 season however there were still a lot of questions over Josh Allen and whether they could do anything in the playoffs. He guided his team to a double over the Patriots and an AFC East crown as well as the number 3 seed and 2 playoff wins against the Colts and the Ravens. They would eventually lose the conference championship to the Chiefs but that is some season for the Bills as they continue to build.

Kevin Stefanski – Cleveland Browns (1 Vote)

Coach Stefanski did a tremendous job as the Vikings OC in 2019, however as a Head Coach he was new to the game. He was also taking on a roster that was talented but hadn’t produced and has a number of big personalities on it. He successfully lead the team to an 11-5 record and their first playoff spot in 18 years as well as going on and winning a playoff game. Most of the players on the team will likely remain for next season and with a proper offseason expect to see the Browns back in the mix next season.

Brian Flores – Miami Dolphins (1 Vote)

Brian Flores took over the Miami Dolphins in 2019 and seems to have started a revival at the organisation. Although I don’t think they drafted well at all, they took in some big names in free agency and built a really talented defence. The team went 10-6 and although they missed the playoffs showed plenty of optimism for the Dolphins fan base. They have plenty of selections in the upcoming draft and if they can do better this year watch out for them next year.

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