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1 – Arizona Cardinals (Up 1)

Won 2 of their last 3 games with Colt McCoy and no Hopkins to help him. Returning Kyler and Hopkins will make them extremely strong again.

2 – Los Angeles Rams (Down 1)

Some new pieces to bed into the team. A couple of weeks and they will be back firing.

3 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Up 1)

Couple of losses in the last few weeks but they return Gronkowski who makes a huge difference in both run and pass games.

4 – Green Bay Packers (Up 1)

Lost to the Vikings in a strange game where the Packers defence gave up as many points as they had in their previous 3 games. Got some injuries but when they return should be golden after the bye week.

5 – Dallas Cowboys (Up 1)

Lost to the Chiefs but were missing 3 of their top players and lost another one during the game. Need to run the ball more though.

6 – Kansas City Chiefs (Up 10)

Still think this offence isn’t what it was but the defence is starting to find its groove and held a talented Cowboys offence to 9. Granted the Broncos did something similar a couple of weeks earlier.

7 – Buffalo Bills (Down 4)

Not sure I get it, how can this offence be struggling this bad right now. They still can’t seem to stop big heavy run teams.

8 – Baltimore Ravens (Down 1)

They won again somehow, surely their luck is going to run out at some point. Loads of injuries are the concern for the Ravens.

9 – Tennessee Titans (Up 2)

You lost to the Texans, thank your lucky stars you’re not lower.

10 – Indianapolis Colts (Up 9)

The Colts leant on their best weapon, the run game and it paid off with Taylor rushing for 5 touchdowns.

111 – New England Patriots (Up 2)

Are the Patriots starting to click? If so, everyone should be scared. They have knocked off some good teams in the last few weeks and if they continue to win within their division then a playoff spot is surely there for the taking. (Retweet)

12 – Cleveland Browns (Down 2)

Baker looks like he is struggling through some injuries, but the Browns win again. It was against the lions though.

13 – Cincinnati Bengals (Down 2)

A wobbly couple of weeks ended with a decent win against the Raiders. Still think they have room to improve on both sides of the ball.

14 – Minnesota Vikings (Up 3)

Cousins did a Rodgers to Rodgers but let’s be honest, that was a pick he threw and Green Bay should have closed out the game.

15 – San Francisco 49ers (Up 5)

Okay we see you 49ers, starting to find a bit of a groove. Can they do it against some of the bigger hitters though.

16 – Las Vegas Raiders (Down 7)

The losses of some of their key starters are clearly starting to have an impact on the raiders. They looked extremely good in the opening weeks of the season.

17 – New Orleans Saints (Down 5)

They got themselves in a hole against the Eagles then ran it close into the 4th quarter. Missing Alvin Kamara is huge at this point with Trevor at QB.

18 – Los Angeles Chargers (Down 4)

A good win this week against the Steelers but they are very much hot and cold.

19 – Carolina Panthers (Down 4)

Newton’s back and so is CMC22 but they couldn’t muster a win against the Washington Football team. They still have some stuff to figure out on both sides of the ball.

20- Pittsburgh Steelers (Down 2)

Still a middle of the road team this year which is pretty good considering some of the players they have lost over the last few years.

21 – Seattle Seahawks (No Change)

Wilson is back but his offensive line just gives him no time in the pocket. Even with one of the most athletic QBs in the NFL you’re going to struggle if the offensive line can’t hold up.

22 – Denver Broncos (No Change)

A solid win against the Dallas cowboys then back to mediocrity. The run game is carrying this team through but they need some new additions to be challenging the AFC west.

23 – Philadelphia Eagles (Up 1)

The run game is really getting going in Phlly, between running backs and Hurts running from QB they have been difficult to stop behind a big offensive line.

24 – Atlanta Falcons (Down 1)

Beat the Saints in a thrilling last-minute drive then get pummelled by the Cowboys a week later and then shut out completely by the Patriots. It doesn’t look good for Atlanta right now.

25 – Washington Football Team (Down 1)

They are starting to find their feet on offence which is allowing the defence to be a little fresher on the field. A solid win against the Panthers after beating the Buccaneers is a good couple of weeks.

26 – Miami Dolphins (Up 5)

Still a lack of consistent quarterback play but that’s 3 wins on the bounce for Miami.

27 – Chicago Bears (Down 1)

Dalton came on and almost won them the game against the Ravens. It just wasn’t enough and that best describes the bears this season.

28 – New York Giants (Down 1)

Need a spark to be lit for the rest of the season before looking to improve next year.

29 – New York Giants (Down 1)

They had a great win a couple of weeks back, but since they have struggled again.

30 – Jacksonville Jaguars (Down 1)

Run.The. Ball.

31 – Houston Texans (Down 1)

Wait, what? They beat the Tennessee Titans on the road. Where the hell did that come from?

32 – Detroit Lions (No Change)

Still Winless.

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