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Another couple of crazy weeks have gone by and some wild results have come in.

1 – Los Angeles Rams (Up 3)

They had one blip against the Cardinals and have returned to great form. Stafford and company are rolling but can they maintain it? The addition of Von Miller will surely help them.

2 – Arizona Cardinals (Down 1)

They stay at number 2 for now, but they didn’t look great against a banged-up packers and the injuries are starting to pile up again.

3 – Buffalo Bills (No Change)

They won in unconvincing fashion last week however winning when you don’t play well is a good sign

4 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Up 1)

A loss to the Saints is not something new for the Bucs, however it was to a backup quarterback which has got to hurt. They put up a fight, but Brady had one of those days.

5 – Green Bay Packers (Up 4)

Will they stay here now Rodgers on Covid IR, I’m not sure but they took down the undefeated Cardinals without their top receivers.

6 – Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys stay where they are as they keep winning, however the health of Dak Prescott has to be a concern for the team.

7 – Baltimore Ravens (Down 5)

Don’t know what to make of these guys this year. They have scraped through a lot of games and got blown away by the Bengals, only for the Bengals to lose to the Jets and gift Baltimore the top spot in the AFC North again.

8 – Tennessee Titans (Up 2)

No Derrick Henry for 6-10 weeks is going to hurt; however, they have signed Adrian Peterson. Don’t let his age put you off this guy is going to be running behind a very good offensive line and is still a downhill runner.

9 – Las Vegas Raiders (Up 2)

The loss of Ruggs is likely to affect their passing game as he is their deep threat. Now teams can play tighter in coverage. They do however still have a good run game and plenty of other weapons for Carr to utilise.

10 – Cleveland Browns (Down 2)

Another team that has blown hot and cold. Their top 2 backs were banged-up and now Chubb is back it should provide stability. Baker is dealing with a bad shoulder injury so we will see how much it affects him going forward.

11 – Cincinnati Bengals (Up 4)

The Jets, why did you have to lose to the Jets. This team looked on fire with Chase coming off a 200 yards performance against the ravens only to put up 32 against the Jets secondary . . . like seriously.

12 – New Orleans Saints (Up 5)

Knocking off the Buccaneers is going to jump you up a few spots. The defence is tough to beat and with a heavy dose of running from Kamara and Ingram they should continue to control the clock.

13 – New England Patriots (Up 5)

Are the Patriots starting to click? If so, everyone should be scared. They have knocked off some good teams in the last few weeks and if they continue to win within their division then a playoff spot is surely there for the taking.

14 – Los Angeles Chargers (DOwn 7)

The Chargers have played well in almost all their games, however with Ekeler not being 100% they haven’t quite looked themselves on offence.

15 – Carolina Panthers (Down 1)

Another team struggling without their superstar running back. They have only won one game since his absence. That being said the defence has come up big at times so if the offence can find a groove they should be in a better place.

16 – Kansas City Chiefs (Down 4)

Mahomes throwing it up to his all-star receivers doesn’t seem to be working this season. Those passes that were coming off in the last few years are being picked off this year.

17 – Minnesota Vikings (Down 4)

They really need to finally get Cousins in the bin. Been saying it for years, they won’t win anything with him.

18 – Pittsburgh Steelers (Up 3)

A tough defensive battle won against the Browns. Sounds like an AFC North game. They have been winning when Big Ben doesn’t turn the ball over so as long as that continues, they should continue to win.

19 – Indianapolis Colts (Down 3)

How this team has 3 wins is beyond me. It should have been at least 5 but they choked them away. Wentz was 100% at fault this week. Consistency from these guys and they could easily be in the top 10.

20 – San Francisco 49ers (Down 1)

They are ok at beating the poorer teams in the league but can’t win against the better teams. I think we can call them distinctly average at this point.

21 – Seattle Seahawks (Down 1)

No Russell Wilson and they have won just one game, but his return is not far away. Is it too late to get back into playoff contention? With Wilson at the helm, never.

22 – Denver Broncos (No Change)

They really need to find a quarterback that can steal the show, however now they will just have to rely on their two running backs who have been carrying this team. Losing Von Miller is a big blow but gives opportunity to others to shine.

23 – Atlanta Falcons (No Change)

Should have taken defence. They just can’t stop other teams scoring and now they just lost their best offensive player in Calvin Ridley who is taking a break from football for mental health reasons.

24 – Philadelphia Eagles (Up 2)

Keep Hurts in the pocket to throw and they can’t hurt you. Their run game is pretty good behind a large offensive line which is opening things up and controlling the clock.

24 – Washington Football Team (Down 1)

Going from one of the most feared defences in the league to being one of the worst must be a disappointment for the football team. The offence is doing what it can but they can, but they can’t score 30 a game.

25 – Chicago Bears (Down 1)

Fields is now the starter. He’s had some amazing plays and some shockers, which you would expect from a rookie. They haven’t really been blown away and always have a chance to sneak into the playoffs.

27 – New York Giants (No Change)

Not sure what to make of this team. They don’t put up enough points on offence and Barkley is now going to miss at least one game.

28 – New York Giants (No Change)

The Jets win, the Jets win and against the high-flying Bengals no less. Can they build on this now and push forward? They have a bye week to get to work.

29 – Jacksonville Jaguars (No Change)

Get your first win in London then lose horrendously to the Seahawks. Run. The. Ball.

30 – Houston Texans (No Change)

Have actually put up a good account of themselves in some games but their roster is thin, and they are likely to struggle through this year.

31 – Miami Dolphins (No Change)

One drive looks amazing, the next horrendous. The lack of consistency is crazy and a lot of that is from the Quarterback play.

32 – Detroit Lions (No Change)

Still Winless.

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