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Through 6 weeks we have seen some ups and downs for most teams this year. As a third of the season has now passed it is a good time for an early review. Let’s see where everyone lines up in our Power Rankings so far compared to our preseason selections. 

1 – Arizona Cardinals

The Cardinals are the league’s only undefeated team by displaying a good offence and a stingier defence than last season. They did however struggle against the 49ers. If they can keep everyone fit, they have every opportunity to maintain their unbeaten run.

2 – Baltimore Ravens

How this team has the record that it does is beyond me, but they show resilience when it comes to winning tough, we must give them that. They could have easily lost a couple of games so far and should think themselves lucky. On the other hand, they score plenty of points on offence which should be a worry to opposition teams, and they just knocked off a chargers team that put 49 on the Browns while keeping them to 6 points.

3 – Buffalo Bills

Josh Allen is busy putting himself in the conversation for MVP of the league this year and the offence around him is scoring a lot of points. The only thing stopping Buffalo is they still struggle against bigger run games and for this reason they can’t go above #3. If they can clamp down on this, with a high-powered offence they are going to be difficult to stop.

4 – Los Angeles Rams

The Rams only loss this season has come at the hands of the Cardinals, and they just didn’t play well in that game. They have looked solid on defence all year and Matthew Stafford has played to his standard high level and elevated this offence. They need to put it all together against the Cardinals, as I think they are one team that can stop them.

5 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Buccaneers don’t look like they could go in and beat any team at will however they were the same last year in the regular season and when it came to the playoffs, we know what happened. Gronk is a huge loss to this offence, but they are still putting up good numbers each week.

6 – Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys offence has been pretty good the last few years, but their defence has really struggled. This season their offence is continuing to put up good numbers and their defence has stepped up big to hold oppositions to much fewer points. A good winning recipe for any team in the NFL. They have a win over the Los Angeles Chargers to their name as well which going on recent performances looks like a solid win.

7 – Los Angeles Chargers

The Chargers played out a 1000+ offensive yard showdown against the Browns and came out on top. They have a much-improved offensive line, Herbert has continued from his ROTY performances, and the team is winning close games it lost last season. They look like the real deal at this point in the season however the Ravens defence showed they can be stopped, and their defence is still leaking points.

8 – Cleveland Browns

The Browns have been hit or a miss this season with 2 close losses this season to the Chiefs and Chargers where they conceded a fair number of points. The defence has looked concerning some weeks and incredible the next week. If they can keep teams to fewer points scored their offence has enough to outscore most NFL teams.

9- Green Bay Packers

The Packers need to be more consistent to be looking at home-field advantage in the playoffs. They win some games comfortably and then get run close by teams that really shouldn’t be beating them. If they can maintain consistency on offence, then they have every chance of moving up the rankings.

10 – Tennessee Titans

The Titans had a great win on Monday night against the Bills which sits them high in the AFC. They have some odd results which does bring into question if they can consistently beat this kind of team. Henry s once again running all over people and racking up serious rushing yards and if they can get Julio and A.J.Brown fully fit together it’s a recipe for a good run in the playoffs.

11 – Las Vegas Raiders

By miles the biggest surprise to me this season are the Raiders. On paper, they looked like they were possibly going to struggle this season but have proved me very wrong. They have a solid run game behind a large offensive line, receivers that are getting separation and Carr firing on all cylinders. Even after their head coach resigned, they still went and put up a win. Even their pass rush is getting home this year.

12 – Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs seem to have their issues this season on both offence and defence. Putting all of those new offensive line pieces together is taking time and the defence isn’t anywhere near as consistent as it has been in previous years. Even Mahomes is being found out with some of his throw and hope passes that would normally come off.

13 – Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings are doing their standard by making sure every game is a nail biter that comes down to the wire. Cousins has played to a decent enough level and helped with a solid run game they have put up enough points to win games. A defence that’s a hit or a miss has just lost Patrick Peterson to IR which is going to be interesting in the secondary.

14 – Carolina Panthers

The Panthers started the season red hot and were 3-0, but then disaster happened, and they lost CMC to IR and they have not won since. He is a seriously big piece of the offence and opens it up for everyone else. Darnold has come in and played very well however this past weekend his receivers dropped a lot of his passes. It was some sort of NFL record for drops. If these drops are converted, they are probably 4-2 right now.

15 – Cincinnati Bengals

Burrow coming back off injury was always going to leave a question mark and Chase made a lot of headlines for not being able to catch the ball in pre-season. Then cam the regular season and the two of them have been on fire. The rest of the offence is helping too, and they are putting up points every week. The defence is still struggling against the better passing teams but if they can clamp down on that, playoffs are in the picture.

16 – Indianapolis Colts

I honestly can’t quite believe this team is 2-4 right now. They have lost some games including to the Ravens that they should never have lost. Wentz is playing to a decent level and their running game is solid once again. The return of T.Y.Hilton is only going to open up space for the other receivers and give Wentz another weapon. They need to win all their games against their division to be in with a chance at playoffs.

17 – New Orleans Saints

Quietly floating under the radar, the Saints have had a decent start to the season considering they lost a hall of fame quarterback and a whole host of good players to the cap limit. They have blown very hot and cold but if they can get some consistency going, they sit nice at 3-2. Coming off a bye week and Michael Thomas set to return for the second half of the season, they could do some damage I the playoffs if they get there.

18 – New England Patriots

The Patriots chose to go with Mac Jones and let Newton walk and up until now it seems to have been the right decision. Jones is well on pace for the rookie record for pass completion percentage and has come up big in some games this year. Silly mistakes are costing the Patriots now but if they can cut them out their division is there for the taking.

19 – San Francisco 49ers

The 49ers once again don’t have Jimmy G who they surely must finally see sense is not the guy they need. The offence is now in the hands of Trey Lance and has had some good moments. Defensively they struggle in the defensive backfield but the front 4 are still a force to be reckoned with.

20 – Seattle Seahawks

No Russell Wilson for 8 weeks has to be a sore one for the seahawks, but they really should have won on Sunday night. Geno Smith played to a decent level before fumbling the ball away to the Steelers. If they can ride the run game and make sure they stay in the hunt for when Wilson returns, they still have a shot at playoffs.

21 – Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers have ridden their luck a few times this year but somehow sit at 3-3. Big ben looks like uncle ben at times and then looks like the future hall of famer in other games. If Big Ben doesn’t turn the ball over the Steelers win. So, it looks like most of the season will be riding on this when they face tougher defences without JuJu.

22 – Denver Broncos

The Broncos could maybe rank higher here, but they just love to let games get away from them early and try and claw them back. They have enough pieces on the defence to keep oppositions to low scores but going down by 14-17 points is never a good strategy. They need to start switching on early, so they don’t have to go with last-minute heroics.

23 – Atlanta Falcons

Should have been 3 wins on the bounce for the Atlanta Falcons had they managed to hold off the Washington Football team. They come off a bye week after their London win against the jets. If Atlanta want to go anywhere, they need to start looking at drafting defence. The offence is set up, but they just concede far too many points.

24 – Washington Football Team

Going from one of the most feared defences in the league to being one of the worst must be a disappointment for the football team. The offence has managed to score plenty points this year, but they just can’t stop the opposition scoring.

25 – Chicago Bears

The Bears lost Dalton early and have had to roll with rookie quarterback Justin Fields earlier than expected. Matt Nagy finally started to run the ball and now both his starting running backs are injured. They sit at 3-3 but can consider themselves lucky. The Packers made short work of them on Sunday.

26 – Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles love to make a game look closer than it was. Hurts throwing to his receivers is unbelievably poor considering his percentages. He also seems to always make himself look good with a couple of garbage time quarterback runs. The defensive line isn’t as scary as it once was, and they just traded one of their best offensive weapons to the Cardinals.

27 – New York Giants

Honestly, I don’t know what to say about this team. On paper, they have a solid squad, on the field they are all made of glass and cannot win games to save their life. They need to get rolling soon or a couple of people in that building will be out of a job.

28 – New York Giants

Wilson has struggled to find rhythm in the Jets offence thus far and has also had some moments that you don’t want to see from a #2 overall pick. On the upside he is improving through the weeks. The defence for the jets is supposed to be their strong point but they haven’t really stepped up either. Williams is everywhere on the field, but Mosely doesn’t seem to be the run stuffer he was at the Ravens.

29 – Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jaguars got their first win in 20 games against the Miami Dolphins in London at the weekend thanks to kicker heroics. A guy who was working a desk job one day ended up flying with the team and kicking a 53-yard game-winning field goal. The Jaguars have some positives to build on and they have been getting closer to those wins as the season goes on. Now they need momentum.

30 – Houston Texans

The Texans beat the Jaguars in Week 1 but have struggled to even look decent at times since. They really need a few years rebuilding depending on what happens with Watson to get back on track.

31 – Miami Dolphins

What a fall from grace this is. A team that was 1 game away from playoffs last year really struggling to do anything good on either side of the ball. Tua stats-wise looked like he had a good game Sunday but having sat and watched it some of his throws were honestly inexcusable. Their top 5 defence from last year seems to have vanished into thin air.

32 – Detroit Lions

The poor Lions just can’t catch a break. Even in the 2 games, they deserved to win this season they ended up losing to a miracle record-breaking field goal and a last-second field goal. This week their head coach called out their quarterback to do more, which is never a great sign.

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