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Now that the dust has settled on the 2021 NFL draft, we thought we’d do some post draft power rankings to see how the teams shake out!

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1 – Kansas City Chiefs (Up 2)

The Chiefs looked like they had dismantled their offensive line only to make the interior better. Likely Long plays right tackle but he is coming out of retirement and they don’t have a top left tackle. (Bravo to the Chiefs front office staff, they destroyed their offensive line and have somehow made it better. Getting Orlando Brown Jr is a great addition and they got every position of need filled in the draft).

2 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Down 1)

They can head into the draft purely looking to strengthen the ranks and secure their future roster as they return all 22 starting members of their Superbowl winning squad. (They did what they were able to do, strengthen the ranks for the future but they beat the Chiefs due to a dodgy offensive line and that looks to have been massively upgraded)

3 – Cleveland Browns (Down 1)

They ran the Chiefs close in the playoffs last year and have strengthened a number of areas including defensive line and defensive backs this offseason. (This team has done nothing but make their roster look even more ridiculous on paper. They possibly got the biggest steal in the draft getting Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah and filling the biggest position of need. The only thing keeping them from #1 was the Bucs returning all 22 starters from their Superbowl winning season last year).

4 – Baltimore Ravens (Up 4)

The ravens signed a good player to slot into right guard and currently still have two giant tackles to make that line solid. Their biggest issue is they lost most of their pass rush and any wide receivers of note. (Another excellent draft from Eric De Costa. He managed to get a top WR and Edge rusher in the first round. Couple that with a nice edition at RT and the Ravens now have a much more versatile offence).

5 – Buffalo Bills (No Move)

The Bills have recruited yet more offensive talent for their roster. The only reason they are down at 5 is because they haven’t improved their pass rush and to beat Mahomes you need this. (They went out and took two pass rushers with their top 2 picks. Pretty much tells you they knew what they needed to go after Mahomes and the Chiefs).

6 – Indianapolis Colts

The Colts have replaced Rivers with Wentz where he will back under the watchful eye of his former quarterbacks coach and OC. If he can return to form they are a few good draft picks away from being a top squad. (The Colts also upgraded their pass rush with 2 edge defenders with their first 2 picks. That defence has all the pieces to keep other teams scoring low and an offence that can run the ball. Good combination).

7 – Los Angeles Rams

Matthew Stafford is a big upgrade here at the Quarterback position. They likely sit higher but lost a good few players in the free agency period. (Not sure how much the Rams improved their team in the draft if im honest but with the addition of Stafford to that offence coupled with an extremely talented defence it’s hard to put them any lower than this).

8 – Green Bay Packers (Down 4)

The Packers only real loss in free agency was their starting centre Corey Linsley who is one of the best in the business. Otherwise they return a very good squad for the upcoming season. (Oh dear, oh dear, what is going on with Rodgers? The packers actually drafted fairly well but they are going to fall purely because it looks like Rodgers may be leaving).

9 – New Orleans Saints (No Move)

The Saints have lost a number of good players and seen Drew Brees retire, however they still have an extremely talented squad and if Winston steps in and plays well they should be up there again. (It’s hard to move the Saints as they still have the same question marks after the draft. They didn’t have huge positions of need and so could draft pretty freely).

NDSU quarterback Trey Lance goes to 49ers with third pick in NFL draft |  Star Tribune

10 – San Francisco 49ers (Up 3)

They are likely to finally realise that Jimmy G needs to go and get a new quarterback in the draft. They lost another piece of their excellent defensive line but the offence looks deadly on paper. (Is Trey Lance an upgrade on Jimmy G? who knows, but the addition of Aaron Banks and a bruising running back in Trey Sermon provides the 49ers with a savage downhill running game).

11 – New England Patriots (Down 1)

The Patriots struggled last year with the loss of Brady and a host of other players, however they have a solid offensive line, Newton back under centre and a host of new pieces they got in free agency. (After doing a good job in free agency of getting weapons for Cam the Patriots could select more freely in the draft. They look to the future with Mac Jones but Barmore is a great addition to that defensive line)

12 – Tennessee Titans (Down 1)

The Titans had another good season behind the 2000 rushing yards of Henry. They have most of the pieces in place to continue an upward trend if they draft well. (Nothing much to add here, if Farley stays fit hes an excellent pickup)

13 – Miami Dolphins (Up 3)

A weird offseason so far where they moved about some players and took others in that I don’t think strengthened or weakened their team. Unfortunately with Tua at the helm they will only get so far. (The Dolphins still have Tua and I think that holds them back, but drafting his old team mate Jaylen Wadlle will help even if at 6 it was a bit of a reach. The selection of an edge rusher, rapid safety and a solid offensive linemen puts them into playoff contention in my eyes).

14 – Seattle Seahawks (Down 2)

They still really need to protect Russell Wilson if they want to progress any further. Their defence found a grove near the end of the season but without more time there is only so much Wilson can do. (Seattle had pretty much no draft picks and only used their 6th rounder on offensive line so they didn’t really strengthen).

15 – Los Angeles Chargers (Up 3)

A team that is returning some big time players from injury this offseason, they have also significantly improved their offensive line for ROTY, Justin Herbert. They could be a sneaky dark horse in the AFC. (This team has done everything right this offseason and that continued in the draft. Slater falling to them at pick 13 and then picking up Asante Samuel Jr in the second round. The defence is pretty stacked and now that offensive line looks pretty scary).

16 – Minnesota Vikings (Down 2)

How this team ended up with such a poor record is beyond me. Cousins isn’t the answer but they still finished with a top 2 running back and two top 5 wide receivers. They could do with some help on both lines but have upgraded in other areas. (This team needed help in the trenches and on the offensive line they certainly got that. However I’m not convinced by the Mond selection and they never really added much to their defence which shipped a lot of points last season).

17 – Carolina Panthers (No Move)

The Panthers have made some nice moves over free agency and have built up a good squad. They last night traded for Sam Darnold and told Bridgewater he can look for a trade which I’m not convinced makes their team any better. (The Panthers filled their positions of need in a really good draft as they got Jaycee Horn and Terrance Marshall Jr with their first 2 picks. Then they went after offensive line and tight end help in the form of Tremble. The biggest issue Carolina have is their division).

18 – Atlanta Falcons (Up 1)

This team has lost some of what little talent it had on defence. On the upside they are still a really good offence on paper and adding a few nice draft pieces could help turn their fortunes around after they lost a silly amount of games in the final minutes last season. (I really don’t agree with taking Pitts at 4 overall when your defence ships as many points as Atlantas does. They needed help at defensive line, line backer and in the secondary and took yet another offensive player.

19 – Denver Broncos (Up 1)

The Broncos defence is loaded with good players that should help them stay in games. Lock showed flashes last season and has a very young offence around him that will only get stronger. (Probably one of the better drafts this year, the Broncos took Surtain who youd think they probably don’t need with a solid secondary. However if you then remind yourself they have the chiefs in their division it all makes sense. That couple with a new running back and solid offensive line and line backer pickups have them in a good position).

20 – Arizona Cardinals (Down 5)

They had a really good offence last year but their defence struggled. They have certainly upgraded in that area so now just need some extra offensive line depth. (This team needed to strengthen its offensive line and they just didn’t go near it. They are clearly going for the air raid offence which isn’t a surprise but when teams started to figure out Kyler Murray and stop him running the Cardinals went into free fall).

21 – New York Giants (No Move)

The Giants have upgraded significantly over the last 2 seasons and excuses are now running out for Daniel Jones. The team he now has around him is strong and should be pushing to win the NFC East this season. (This team looks pretty good on paper now and so they could choose who they wanted in the draft. Toney was a huge reach in my opinion but he is someone who could cause problems for the opposition alongside the rest of the Giants receiver core).

22 – Dallas Cowboys (Up 2)

Yay, they signed Dak to a team breaking deal, well done. The offensive line is degrading, their defence is hopeless but it’s ok because the offence will score points. (A team that desperately needed to upgrade on defence and they did just that. Parsons is an immediate upgrade at line backer and they got secondary and pass rush help. Couple that with a top offence they should see improvement).

23 – Washington Football Team (Down 1)

This team deserves to suck this season just for letting Alex Smith go. They would have been a 3 win team without him last season. They have however signed some decent players to their roster as well as Fitzmagic. (A very underwhelming draft for the Washington football team which leaves them looking strong on defence but still unsure on offence. With both the Giants and Cowboys strengthening they may struggle this year.

24 – Philadelphia Eagles (Up 1)

Not sure what’s going on with the eagles at the moment, although they do have good lines both sides of the ball. Jalen Hurts isn’t the guy so cutting Wentz and eating that much cap was stupid. Now they don’t even have their high draft pick. (This team have only went up one position due to failings of other teams around them. Outside of getting Smith who is an immediate upgrade at the wide receiver position, they had another pretty strange draft).

25 – Pittsburgh Steelers (Up 1)

This team were 11-0 last season which is crazy, then they just imploded and really I only see that continuing. Big Ben is struggling; they have no run game and have lost some talent on their defence. They are still well coached though so will make games of it. (They added the best running back in the draft and a beast at the tight end position. They even managed to get two new offensive linemen to replace their losses but I still think Big Ben is the determining factor for this team).

26 – Houston Texans (Pending Deshaun Watson) (Down 3)

If Deshaun Watson ends up suspended or worse, in jail this team would be near the bottom. While he’s on the team they will put up points and be in with a chance of winning games. Honestly not sure what to say here, they had minimal picks and they used their first available one on a quarterback? I don’t know what that says about Watsons future).

27 – Cincinnati Bengals (No Move)

If Joe Burrow makes it back from his injury they have the perfect opportunity to upgrade any position they wish at pick number 5. Offensive line help should be first on the mind and they should see improvement due to additions on their defence. (Even as an LSU fan I’m just not sure Chase was the right pick here. He will likely produce because he’s a great receiver but they only took Carmen to improve the offensive line. The one place they definitely improved was defensive line and in the NFC North they are going to need it

28 – Jacksonville Jaguars (No Move)

New head coach, Trevor Lawrence on the way, loads of draft picks, lots of money, it all looks good. This is still likely a work in progress although they have made some nice free agency pickups. (They made some good draft picks taking Lawrence and his team mate ETN in the first round. They still need some help on defence but the team is in a better place than last season).

29 – New York Jets (Up 2)

They are down here because of the unknown. The team looks much better on paper already and now likely has a new young quarterback coming in the door. They still have a horrendous secondary. (The Jsts deserve to move a couple of places up here. They went after a new franchise quarterback, got him another solid pick on the offensive line and even managed to add a good wide receiver to the roster).

30 – Las Vegas Raiders (Down 1)

When you let half you offensive line walk out the door you’re going to end up down here. They have very little pass rush and Carr is not good under pressure. Not a good mix. (The Raiders actually filled a hole on the offensive line, pass rush and safety, however the losses on their offensive line are going to damage this team).

31 – Chicago Bears (Down 1)

I blame Nagy, this team looked way better than predicted last season then he messed about with things. They have lost some talent on the defence and have very little draft picks or money to do anything. (Not sure what the bears are on at the moment but the Travis Jenkins pick was a great pickup. Fields needs a great run game to be very productive and Nagy doesn’t run the ball).

32 – Detroit Lions (No Move)

Lose you starting quarterback of the last 10 years and replace him with Goff. Then lose your two best wide receivers and a host of other players. Not looking good. (Not sure the Lions will have much to shout about this season other than getting Penei Sewell at 7. They managed to add to their defensive line but this team will take a few years of rebuild).

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