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After reading several experts lists into who they think should win the end of season awards, I thought I would break down who I think should win each of the awards now that we are 15 weeks in.

MVP – Tom Brady

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Yards – 4134

TD/INT – 36/10

Completion Percentage – 68%

Let’s be honest, this award is a QB award, and everyone knows it. Now in my mind this is between Tom Brady and Matthew Stafford. I think Stafford will run this close if he plays well to the end of the season however the Buccaneers are clearly trying to help Brady get it by the number of times they are throwing. They even almost threw a game on Sunday night trying to get his passing stats up. The Bills can’t stop the run but once they were 17 points up it was just passing constantly. He’s thrown it 177 times in the last 4 games.

Offensive Player Of The Year – Jonathon Taylor

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Yards – 1700

TD – 18

Y/A – 5.6

Behind a big, physical offensive line, Taylor has carried the Colts team all season and had some incredible games including a 5-touchdown performance. He has the yards, touchdowns, big plays and even some angry runs thrown in. If he carries on and helps the Colts make the playoffs, he’s definite for this award.

Defensive Player Of The Year – Micah Parsons

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Sacks – 12

Tackles for Loss – 17

Tackles – 75

Forced Fumbles – 3

QB Hits – 27

This year this award could currently go to several players. The ones I have on my list, in no particular order are Myles Garrett, Micah Parsons, Nick Bosa and T.J.Watt. Early in the season Parsons flashed his athletic ability but was left looking lost in pass coverages, so what the Cowboys have done is taken him into the box and let him loose against the opposition quarterbacks. He uses his unreal speed and across the board leads most categories for defensive players.

Offensive Rookie Of The Year – Ja’Marr Chase

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Yards – 1035

Yards/Reception – 17.5

TD – 10

This one looked wrapped up after 8 weeks as J.Chase ran off destroying defences and scoring touchdowns for fun. But since then, he has been extremely quiet which has led to this being a lot closer than it should be. Jaylon Waddle, Mac Jones and Javonte Williams probably all have a shot at this award, but Chase holds all the cards at the moment.

Rookie Defensive Player Of The Year – Micah Parsons

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Sacks – 12

Tackles for Loss – 17

Tackles – 75

Forced Fumbles – 3

QB Hits – 27

If he is in with a good chance of defensive MVP he likely wins this fairly easily. A lot of the better rookie defenders have missed some time this season or been inconsistent.

Comeback Player Of The Year – Dak Prescott



This award is probably a 3-man competition now between Dak, Joe Burrow and Nick Bosa. The Cowboys have an easy schedule until the end of the season which I think will see Dak seal the deal. His stats aren’t amazing, but they probably do enough to keep him above Burrow in the QB rankings,

Coach Of The Year – Bill Belichick

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I’d have nothing against Kliff Kingsbury or Matt LaFleur winning coach of the year, however I think the fact that the Patriots are currently the AFC number one seeded team after losing some top players and having a rookie at quarterback I can’t see past Bill. This guy, in my opinion, is the greatest coach of all time and if the patriots stay at the number one seed, I can only see him winning this.

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