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Week 6 was upon us, and the Miami Dolphins and Jacksonville Jaguars descended on London, both desperate for a win. The teams arrived in the UK both with their problems, Miami would go into the game without their two starting cornerbacks in Byron Jones and Xavien Howard as well as being on a four-game skid. The Jaguars hadn’t won a game in their last Twenty attempts and hadn’t made a successful Field Goal all year, which led to them taking two kickers to London. There was some good news for Miami however, as starting Quarterback Tua Tagovailoa was healthy and able to return after missing the previous 3 weeks.

Both teams out on the Field ready for kickoff

The Jaguars won the toss and elected to defer until the second half meaning Miami would get the opening possession. There was a minor delay to kick off however as a pitch invader made his way on in an unsuccessful attempt to take the opening kickoff. The invader was marshalled off the field and we could finally get underway on front of the 60,784 strong crowd.

First Quarter

The Dolphins seized the opportunity to start fast and starting on their own 20-yard line following a touchback. They went on a Thirteen play scoring drive capped off with a 6-yard touchdown pass to rookie wide receiver Jaylen Waddle. The drive only had three runs with Tua hitting four different targets including an 18-yard completion to Hollins and a 22-yard completion to Gesicki. With the successful PAT tacked on the Dolphins lead 7-0.
The Jaguars Returned the kickoff through explosive returner Agnew, however he only made it to the 22-yard line to get them started. The Jaguars decided to return fire and immediately went through the air to Agnew for an explosive gain, before a run by Robinson then another long pass to Arnold got the Jaguars well into Miami territory.

The Dolphins Offence huddles around Tua

The drive was progressing well then on 3rd and 5, Quarterback Trevor Lawrence found a wide-open Dan Arnold who dropped an easy catch for a first down halting the drive and forcing the Jaguars to attempt a field goal. Young Kicker Mathew Wright duly obliged and split the uprights giving the Jaguars their first successful field goal of the year and making the score 7-3 to the Dolphins.

This time the Dolphins returned the kick-off, with Waddle making it only as far as the 19-yard line. The Dolphins once again went to air with another long pass to Gesicki. Then on a 3rd and 1, Tua came off the field being replaced by Jacoby Brissett, presumably to lure the Jaguars into thinking a Quarterback sneak was coming as Tua’s ribs still weren’t 100% healed. The play worked and the Jacksonville Defense bit allowing Brissett to find a wide-open Durham Smythe for a 25-yard gain. The Dolphins then brought Tua back in and went straight back to the air, with a completion to Ahmed setting the Dolphins up with a 1st and Goal from the ten-yard line. A holding penalty then set the Dolphins back to their twenty-yard line and following a short completion to Gesicki the 1st Quarter came to an end.

Second Quarter

The Second quarter began with a short run then an incompletion to Gaskin, and the Dolphins were forced to kick a short field goal to extend their lead back to 7 points. Jason Sanders duly obliged, and the score was 10-7 to Miami.

The Jaguars went 3-and-out and punted back to Miami who after gaining a first down on their first play, then failed to secure a second and punted back to the Jaguars, both team’s offences stalling. The Jaguars next drive was also killed by a penalty and once again they punted, but the kick was a terrible one and gave Miami back the ball inside Jacksonville territory. After a couple of really poor plays from Tua, one in particular on 3rd and 2 when he seemed to have been able to run for the first down with ease, he instead tried to dump the ball off and missed a 3 yard pass by about 5 yards, the Dolphins faced a 4th and 2.

They elected to go for it and this time Tua found Hollins for a 20 yard gain, giving the Dolphins another first and Goal on the 10 Yard line. Once more however, they failed to turn the field position into a touchdown as they once again settled for a short field goal, extending their lead, and making the score 13-3.

The Jaguars needed a momentum shift and Rookie Quarterback Trevor Lawrence came out dealing, hitting 5 different receivers on 5 pass plays, moving them down the field, however an incompletion to Hyde followed by back to back drops from Shenault, once again the Jacksonville drive was halted by bad drops. The Jaguar’s punt was downed at the three-yard line, pinning the dolphins back in their own end zone.

Trevor Lawrence making pre-snap adjustments

After a risky play-action pass fell incomplete and the 2-minute warning was given, the Dolphins got a bit more conservative and only narrowly missed out on converting for a first down, they were forced to punt the ball back to the Jaguars who then had good field position.

They went straight back to the passing game and a pair of completions to Shenault, the Dolphins showed a Man coverage look, and Trevor Lawrence wasted no time going to his best matchup on the outside. He put the Ball up and Marvin Jones came down with an incredible catch in the back corner of the end zone to get the Jaguars back in the game. The PAT was good, and the score was 13-10 to Miami with 40 seconds left in the half.

The Dolphins did try to get into field goal range and at the end of the half had got themselves into position to try a long one, but it never stood a chance and dropped very wide of the posts.

The Half time score was Miami Dolphins 13 – 10 Jacksonville Jaguars.

Third Quarter

A lot of coaches will speak about the 4 Minutes to end the first half and the 4 Minutes to start the 2nd half and how those periods can completely change a game and the Jaguars decided to show exactly why that’s true, after rounding out the first half with a touchdown the Jaguars set about opening the 2nd with in the same manner, after a couple of big completions alongside an Unnecessary roughness penalty, James Robinson finally broke off a big run when he scampered for 25 yards giving the Jaguars a first and Goal at the one. Jacksonville went straight back to Robinson who bulldozed his way in for a score. With the PAT successful the Jaguars now led 17-13.

The Dolphins who had rushed out to a 13-3 lead now found themselves trailing for the first time and needed to put a drive together. Waddle attempted to get them going by returning the kickoff, but only made it as far as the 23-yard line. Waddle continued to be a constant threat and in between a couple of good runs Waddle had another couple of grabs building on his strong first half. The drive however was derailed by an offensive pass interference penalty, which left the Dolphins behind the chains, and they were forced to punt the ball back.

Jaguars Offense moving down the field

The Jaguars were smelling blood and set about going for another score with some good runs from James Robinson and a couple of good completions from Lawrence as well as a carry for the Quarterback, there was an air of inevitability now that the Jags would score yet again. In steps Christian Wilkins, the big defensive tackle and former Clemson Teammate of Trevor Lawrence burst through the offensive line, and with the young Quarterback away to attempt a pass, Wilkins landed a big hit forcing the ball out. Miami’s Zach Sieler recovered the fumble and the momentum swung back to the Dolphins.

That momentum was ridiculously short-lived however as on the very next play Tua Tagovailoa under absolutely no pressure threw a pass straight at Jaguars Defensive back Nevin Lawson who was nowhere near any Miami receivers. A strange moment from Tua who I’m not sure even knew himself who he was throwing to.

The Jaguars took over and straight away went to the air completing a 21-yard pass to Tight End Luke Farrell then rounding out the quarter with a short run from James Robinson.

Fourth Quarter

Jacksonville started the final quarter in great field position and following a 7 yards completion to Robinson, they had a 3rd and 1 deep in Miami Territory, they elected to then take a shot at the end zone with Lawrence rolling to his right, but unable to connect with Laquon Treadwell in the back of the Endzone. On 4th and 1 with a chip shot field goal to give the Jaguars a seven-point lead, Urban Meyer decided to leave his offence out and go for it on 4th down. Once again, the Quarterback sneak question reared its ugly head as a James Robinson run was stopped short. Miami Football.

For a Coach in Urban Meyer’s position where poor results and some off-field trouble have left him in the hot seat, it felt like a gamble that the Jaguars coach could ill afford, and Miami instantly set about showing him exactly why. First half Tua finally reappeared for the Dolphins on a 32 Yard completion to Mike Gesicki followed immediately by a 20 Yard completion to the same target. More of the same followed with a 12-yard completion to Wilson and 19-yard completion to Smythe set the Dolphins up on the Jaguars 4 Yards line. That improved to the 2 after a taunting penalty was called on the Jaguars following the Smythe reception. The Dolphins went straight to their Rookie Jaylen Waddle who caught the pass and turned into the Endzone restoring the Dolphins lead with the score now at 20-17.

Neither team made much of their next drives, exchanging punts after a couple of medium passes and some penalties. When the Dolphins punted the ball back to the Jaguars there was a moment of controversy as electric returner Agnew misjudged the kick and ducked under the bouncing ball with it painfully close to touching him and Miami scooped the ball up in the endzone looking to have sealed the game. The ruling on the field was he had not touched it and Miami then challenged it. After numerous replays, the ruling on the field stood to the disdain of the Dolphins and their fans who believed they had been hard done by.

The Jaguars got the ball back with time beginning to run down needing at least a field goal to tie and once again they put the weight on the shoulders of their young Quarterback, who once again had to endure another easy drop this time from Robinson but had some good completions to Shenault, Robinson and Jones moving them into the edge of field goal range. Out came Kicker Matt Wright once more to attempt a career long 54-Yard Field Goal to tie the game, what followed was truly a wild kick which left the kickers foot looking good before bending well wide of the posts then bending back inwards again dropping between the pipes tying the game up at 20-20.

The Dolphins got the ball back and set about winning the game after they converted a 3rd down then ran one more play before the 2 minute warning. The Dolphins ended up just short of the marker on third down and elected to go for it on 4th down just inside their own half. Josh Allen exploded off the edge to make the stop as the Jaguars took down Brown behind the line to gain.

The Jaguars took over needing only a handful of yards to win the game but with only seconds left. Following a false start, a run for no gain and a Sack, the Jaguars were left facing a 3rd and 20. They got 12 of those yards back on a completion to Shenault but not enough to be in field goal range so they set up for the Hail Mary. The Dolphins backed all the way off and then called a time out.

When the Jaguars lined back up, they had changed their mind and instead called what they said in the post-game Press conferences was called a “Slider” whereby the receiver must catch the ball and immediately slide down so a time out can be called. With 8 yards to get for the first and only five seconds remaining it was a bold call and it paid off as the Jaguars got the time out called with 1 second left.

Out came Matt Wright who only a couple weeks earlier was working as a software engineer with a chance to hand the Jaguars their first win of the season. There was no doubt with this one as the 53-Yard kick left his boot and was always going down the middle, winning the game and ending the Jaguars 20 game losing streak.

Final Score – Miami Dolphins 20 – 23 Jacksonville Jaguars.

Overall, it was a back-and-forth game with a couple of big game-changing moments, a couple of failed 4th down attempts, a controversial booth review and a walk-off game-winning field goal, helping to cool the seat of Urban Meyer for a little longer. It was also Trevor Lawrence’s first win in the NFL, and he became the first starting rookie QB to win in London ending the streak of 5 straight losses. The Jaguars ended their streak of no successful field goals at 5 games and broke their 20-game losing streak. The Dolphins now have the same record as the Jaguars as both sit at 1-5 in what is become a terrible start to the season for Miami.

Game Leaders

Passing: Tua Tagovailoa – 33/47 for 329 Yards 2 Touchdowns and 1 Interception

Rushing: James Robinson – 17 Carries for 73 Yards and 1 Touchdown

Receiving: Jaylen Waddle – 10 receptions for 70 Yards and 2 Touchdowns

Defense: Nevin Lawson – 3 Tackles 1 assist 2 Pass Defended and 1 Interception

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  1. Paul Breen on 19th October 2021 at 9:47 pm

    A great game report Chris.
    As a Dolphins fan it was another heartbreaking loss.
    I could sit here and claim about Miami having both their best starting DBs injured as well as 3 starting WRs but the Jags had their own issues too so in all honesty the best team won on the day.
    Congratulations to theJacksonville Jaguars.

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