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For the first time in my tenure as a Dolphins fan, I can tell you right now I am sick of it. If it wasn’t a cardinal sin I’d change and support Taylor Heinicke and the boys over in Washington.

I was so high on Brian Flores and what he’s done for the Dolphins when someone pointed out to me that he has a worse record than the much-maligned Adam Gase, and are we truly in a better position than we were under his horrific rule?

Screen passes in the end zone resulting in a safety and kick-started the raiders comeback last week and just the pain of losing to a Colts team riddled with injuries.

After watching Raiders Vs Chargers and seeing Justin Herbert do special things and seeming to be the play-caller and leader they needed. 

I held Brian Flores and the Dolphins in such saintly regard that I was blinded by the strides they made. But this season is proving to be more painful than the “tanking” season, with cries of “I thought we were supposed to be good this year.”

There is no narrative that makes me happy to be a Dolphins fan, the tanking season had its laughs. Like beating the Eagles and Patriots. Last season was captivating as we were a flies wing away from playoffs and the magic of Ryan Fitzpatrick. But there’s no spark this season.

It’s all gone wrong and it’s Week 4 and heading into a match with the reigning Super Bowl champions. I’ve stayed up until the wee hours of the morning, rushed home from places and blown off social engagements to watch Dolphins games but for the first time since I fell in love with the sport and the Dolphins, I can’t bring myself to watch it.

This was supposed to be the year where the process we were told to trust was going to pay off. But instead, I find myself almost combining the words Flores and Out, or dreaming of a Dolphins lead onto the field by a quarterback wearing number 4 fresh from Houston.

My ticket to London on the 17th of October is bought, but the excitement I had for this game is slowly fading, my heart and will is being broken by this team. I just want playoff football, I thought it would be an easy ask this season but as the schedule gets worse and the truly horrific teams score their first wins, I can’t get this thought out of my head that this is going to be another horrible season for the boys in aqua and Brian Flores may not be long for the job and this team which showed so much promise last year is gonna fade into mediocrity one more time.

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