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Two Quarterbacks have now handed in trade requests and whilst we must wait for the new league year to start before they can officially move on I thought I would start by breaking down where I think one of them should go, this time in the NFL.

The trade market for Deshaun Watson and Matt Stafford is slightly different though there may be some overlap. If you are trading for Matt Stafford you are a team who thinks they are just a quarterback away from contending for a championship. Stafford will be 33 next month so realistically with all the hits he has taken over the years I can see him lasting maybe another 5 years. Watson on the other hand will be 26 when the 2021 NFL season begins and is a longer-term investment, so he draws the interest of a few more teams. The big thing with Watson is that he has a no-trade clause. Assuming the Texans do decide to trade him he has some leverage over where he will go.

So lets find Watson a new home.

Cleveland Browns

Watson is better than Baker. That is just a fact. The Browns ceiling is dependent on what version of Baker Mayfield decides to show up on any given Sunday. With a loaded roster that is built to win now why not push your chips all in and trade for Watson. Watson wins he gets to go to a team that is loaded on offence and play for Stefanski who with the added dimension of Watsons mobility could get even more creative in the run game and the play action pass game. This is an offence where Watson doesn’t need to carry the whole offence he has a great running back in Nick Chubb who can carry the load and OBJ and Landry are a great wide receiver combo that just need consistent QB play to really shine.

The Browns would need to send Baker to the Texans and a couple of firsts but I think this is worth it, you get a transcendent QB for the next 10 years something the Browns have not had in years and could turn them into a contender straight away.

New York Jets

The Jets are not in win now mode that much is obvious, Trading the number 2 pick this year and a 1st next year seems a fair starting point, it would still leave them with the 28th pick this year to fix one of the many holes that they have on the team. From everything I have read Watson seems to have the Jets circled as a potential destination, quite why you would want to move from one incompetent doofus owner for another is beyond me, but I suppose he can make more in endorsements playing in New York.

If the Jets did pull the trigger on this the domino effect of what happens with Sam Darnold would be interesting to watch I think there would be a pretty good market for him, so you do have potential to recoup some draft picks that way, however his value will be severely diminished as teams know that you have to move on from him.

LA Rams

Lets get creative shall we. The likely hood of this happening is the same as my Gamestop shares hitting $10,000 but damn it we can dream.

The first question is why would the Rams do this? My counter have you seen Goff play? Goff is a more expensive Baker Mayfield basically the Kirk Cousins and Derek Carr tier of QB’s who can be above average on occasion but can also shit the bed massively and bring your whole team down with them at a moments notice.

For this to work the Texans need to an Osweiller style trade, they would have to take on Jared Goff and a large number of picks from the Rams. The Rams are currently projected to be $35m over the cap however if they can trade away Goff that takes off $34m which is replaced by Watsons cap hit which would be $15m for 2021 which leaves them $16m over the cap. However that is still based on the cap for next year remaining at $178m when it could actually rise to $198m. The Texans would still be over but it looks like they will release JJ Watt which frees up $17m for them straight away.

Miami Dolphins

Another team that is rumoured to be on the Watson watch list. Miami are in a good position with cap space available. They have the picks that they can trade back to Houston. I think it would be amazing if they decide to move on from Tua that quickly but when does a generational quarterback like Watson become available? Flores seems to be building a great team in Miami but I wonder if taking on Watson heightens the scrutiny that he is put under they still have some gaps that need filled and I don’t think Flores job is secure enough to take the risk. But it would definitely close the gap between them and the Bills next year.

Kansas City Chiefs

Are we sure Patrick Mahomes is good?


San Francisco 49ers

First off I hate Shannahan just because you put an orbit motion on your inside zone does not mean that you have revolutionised the run game. Try not choking in the fucking super bowl you fraud.

Anyway, this makes sense it has always felt like the Garoppolo trade was one of convenience rather than love. Jimmy G has just never been able to stay healthy and when he is healthy he is also prone to some absolutely bone headed plays. The 49ers can actually cut the handsome one this offseason and free up $26m in cap space without having to take on any dead money as well. I think they would be able to get someone to trade for him. Probably Washington it seems a very Snyder move and that would free up enough space to bring in Watson and still sign some free agents.  Of all the destinations I think this is the one that either grabs Watson or Stafford. Lynch has proven himself to be aggressive in building his team and but for injuries the 49ers could have been a contender last year.

Is there anybody that I have missed off sound off in the comments and let us know.

You can also listen to more of our ramblings every week on the Armchair QB’s podcast.

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