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The fixtures are here and that can only mean one thing, our first look into the Britball Power Rankings. Now obviously there aren’t any playoffs or bowl games so it’s going to be hard to rank teams against each other but we will try and validate our reasons.

So let’s get into it!

1. London Warriors

It should be no surprise to anyone that the London Warriors are top of this list having won yet another Britbowl back in 2019. Although Tamworth managed to score on their defence the game wasn’t ever really in doubt. The run game is monstrous and until a team has a defence that can match it they likely remain at number one for a while.

2. London Blitz

The London Blitz have lost out to the Warriors in recent years as the best team in the country and but in reality, they still likely beat all the other teams. They need to find themselves a tough run-stopping defence and a bit more of a passing offence if they are going to challenge their rivals anytime soon. They really should have toppled Tamworth in the semi-final in 2019.

3. Manchester Titans

Here’s where it starts to mix up a little bit in terms of where people think teams rank. In 2019 I had the Titans to win the Premiership North Title and they weren’t far off having some up and down results before falling to the Warriors in the playoffs. The biggest thing that Titans have going for them is that they have no high-level competition in their area and Manchester is a huge city. If you listen to some half their team would be in an all-star North team with little or no evidence so they should be bossing the league.

4. Tamworth Phoenix

This team are a class act on and off the field and have done some brilliant things in the last few seasons however I do feel that with Sandwell now being promoted into the Premiership there will be a little more competition for top talents. (I know I will get ‘but it’s not Birmingham’). Their Quarterback is seen by many to be one of Britball’s best players and will need to show that this season. The team sadly lost their OC which was felt around the Britball community and this will have an effect on the team one way or another.

5. London Olympians

If their new look and website are anything to go buy we may see a fresh new Olympians squad rise up in 2021. They struggled for consistency in 2019 where they had some great efforts against the Blitz then lost to the Aztecs twice and got a thumping from the Warriors. This year will see these top teams face off against each other and give a good view for 2022.

6. Bristol Aztecs

A lot of new things going on down in Bristol including a university team setup that will no doubt help their senior ranks in the near future. This team were pretty steady through the 2019 season and outside of the Warriors never really took any heavy defeats. They have a season playing lower-level competition this year to see where they are at before a return to facing the top teams in 2022.

7. Kent Exiles

The Exiles has a really good first season in the premiership south managing to notch up 3 wins. They already had a talented youth/junior setup to feed the program for the future and seem to have managed to recruit some more players. Couple that with some of the best facilities in the land and they look great going forward. This year they have been put into a great division and will get to face off against teams like Solent and Sussex.

8. Solent Thrashers

Speaking of Solent, his team in the 2019 division 1 final had an extremely large squad, I don’t think they could even kit them all. They had a strong run game and were really efficient with their defence being stout most of the season. If they have continued to recruit and progress they should compete well in the premiership division in 2022. This season they have a great division to look forward to and all teams that will test what they are made of.

9. Sheffield Giants

Seems strange to put a team that only notched up 2 wins and a draw in the top 10 but if you look at results not only did they not lose any games by many points but as the season went on they got stronger and gave the top 3 teams in the Phoenix, Titans and Nighthawks a run for their money in the last 3 games. If they have continued to build on this they will stay here. This season they play low-level competition which should allow them to develop some of their newer players ready for 2022.

10. Merseyside Nighthawks

It would be unfair to leave the Nighthawks out of the top 10 for the season. This team has consistently played well since joining the national leagues including winning multiple titles. The setup looks to be in a good position going into this season and they will get a good mix of competition in the realigned divisions for 2021.

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