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Backing the division winners for the NFL season

The NFL season is almost upon us and it will be without a doubt one of the most unusual seasons, picking some division winners is still something worth taking a punt on. So, I decided to look at some of the Divisional winners we would back in the 2021 season. Not every division is covered due to either how unpredictable a division may be or how low the odds are.

We put together a 7-fold of winners available at odds of £67.92/1

Buffalo Bills to win the AFC East @ 4/6 – Even with the improvement in New England this offseason, the Bills look like the strongest team going into the season. They have strengthened at positions of need particularly to help them run the ball. This should allow them to see out closer games.

Cleveland Browns to win the AFC North @ 11/8 – This team has everything in place to go and win the AFC North. With Baltimore the team to beat, they still haven’t sorted out their pass rush and have just lost Dobbins for the season. The Browns have an excellent offensive line, run game, pass game, and pass rush. They strengthened the few areas of weakness from last year.

Tennessee Titans to win the AFC South @ 4/5 – The Titans have locked down key players and managed to bring in Julio Jones. If he doesn’t end up with top level stats, his attention might allow A.J.Brown to be high on wide receiver list. They already have the run game in place and the biggest question will be can they stop other teams running the ball.

Kansas City Chiefs to win AFC West @1/3 – The Chiefs were showed their weakness in the Superbowl last year as their offensive line was dominated. This season they ripped it to bits and rebuilt it with some huge additions including Orlando Brown Jnr. The high-powered offence will put up plenty points this season. Can their defence hold other teams to minimal points.

Green Bay Packers to win the NFC North @ 8/11 – The Packers will have the Vikings for company this year if they can keep other teams from scoring. The Packers are by far the team to beat in this division with a very good offence and defence. Their secondary was exploited a bit in the NFC title game last season by the Buccaneers and their offensive line will need to stand up to top defensive lines for them to be getting to the Superbowl.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers to win the NFC South @ 1/2 – Brees is gone, and the Saints team have been cutting folk to get under the cap, whereas the Bucs have retained every starter from last year’s Superbowl winning team. They must be favourites to topple everyone in this division.

Los Angeles Rams to win the NFC West @ 9/5 – Last year we picked the Seahawks and were correct however the biggest thing here is they still haven’t improved their offensive line. This year the Rams have the upper hand purely on the back of replacing Goff with Stafford. This is a big upgrade at quarterback, and I expect the offence to be more consistent.

I have not selected for the NFC East as honestly; I don’t have a clue who is going to take that one. On paper the Giants look like they have assembled a very solid roster so if I had to pick, I would take them. Cowboys are great on offence but still poor in the secondary. Washington has a good defence but still need improvement on offence.

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