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No Covid cancelled games this week but a few that didn’t make it until the end. Some big results for a number of teams this week shift the rankings around a little.

1. London Warriors (No Change)

No game this week for the warriors.

2. Manchester Titans (No Change)

No game this week for the Titans, however, their in-division rivals put up a burger on Lancashire without their starting QB.

3. London Blitz (Up 1)

The Blitz came out to prove our prediction wrong by the looks of it as they put the Olympians to the sword beating them 36-0. It is however scary to think now the gap that has opened between the Warriors and everyone else judging by the Exiles core.

4. Kent Exiles (Up 2)

Well, the Exiles time down a few spots was short-lived as the Blitz proved that it is indeed the Exiles who have made some great improvement this season. If Sunday’s result is anything to go by the Exiles would comfortably beat the Olympians.

5. Tamworth Phoenix (No Change)

Another convincing win again for Tamworth over the Steelers. Their defence forced 5 turnovers with 2 of them being taken to the house. This team have picked up momentum in the last couple of weeks and are starting to look like they are finding some rhythm.

6. Bristol Aztecs (Up 1)

The Aztecs slowly rise up the power rankings again this week due to the Olympians drop. They had no game this week.

7. London Olympians (Down 4)

Well, we backed the Olympians to start challenging the Blitz for the 2nd best team in the country and in the end, it wasn’t even close. They never even managed to score, and the Blitz put up 36. Their fall down the rankings is steep.

8. Solent Thrashers (No Change)

No game for Solent this week due to the forfeit by Sussex Thunder.

9. Sheffield Giants (No Change)

No game this week.

10. Leicester Falcons (No Change)

No game this week.

Outside Looking In

Edinburgh Wolves

The Wolves will be playing A LOT closer to home this year, and this may allow them to really hammer home their premiership status. Their star Quarterback Jamie Morrison has returned to the ranks and that’s huge for this team. Their first game is in week 6.

Rushmoor Knights

They comfortably beat the Bournemouth Bobcats a few weeks back and so that should mean their game against Solent in a couple of weeks’ time should be tasty.

Merseyside Nighthawks

Oh, hello again Merseyside, we see you. The Nighthawks didn’t have their starting QB so just pounded the run all day against Lancashire to rack up a 60-0 victory. We know that the 83-0 thumping Manchester gave them jumped them up to 2 in our power rankings but due to the 42-10 defeat a couple of weeks back we’ve to see more before they move back into the top 10.

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