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Previewing the entire Britball season and picking out the best games to watch from each week!

So BAFA have announced the long-awaited fixtures for the 2021 season and finally it looks like we might get to see some football after a long absence due to the ongoing Covid-19 Pandemic. So, with a little light at the end of the tunnel, I decided to look through the fixtures week by week and pick out the ones I think will be the games to watch.

Week 1 – 27/06/21

The Opening week of the season and there are some beauties. Some of the Highlights are games like Halton Spartans v The Chester Romans and Hertfordshire Cheetahs v Wembley Stallions. However, my top game of the Week is the Sussex Thunder hosting the Solent Thrashers. Generally, this fixture has been a great contest with multiple one score games in the last 2 seasons. Although the Thrashers were set to take on the Premiership following their 2019 Promotion, I still see this as one of the most thrilling games on the Calendar.

Week 2 – 04/07/21

Shropshire Star

The second game week does not throw as many juicy fixtures but there are games aplenty, there will be a derby game in the North East of England with the Gateshead Senators taking on the Northumberland Vikings, however in 2019 these games were a bit one sided. My top game that week is the Shropshire Revolution travelling to the Leicester Falcons. The falcons were relegated from the Premier and looking to build for a 2022 promotion bid. The revolution appears to get stronger every year. I like the look of this game.

Week 3 – 11/07/21

This one features some potential mismatches across the board however there are a couple of Gems. The London Warriors against the London Olympians is one of them and should be a decent matchup. However, my game of the week is the Wembley Stallions hosting the London Blitz B. The Stallions have been a decent team the last couple of years and some could argue the Blitz B should have been promoted. I think this matchup could determine if those people were right.

Week 4 – 18/07/21

We see the rematch of the Thrashers v Thunder this week as well as an exciting matchup between the Hertfordshire cheetahs and the London Hornets. However, for me the game of the week is the All Prem matchup between the host Merseyside Nighthawks v Manchester Titans these two teams rarely disappoint when they meet, and the Titans will be looking to continue their strong 2019 campaign

Week 5 – 25/07/21

The Hornets and Cheetahs once again narrowly miss out on being the feature game a second week in a row as the highlight game is another all-London clash, this time between the Olympians and the Blitz. As before with their game against the Warriors, I see the Olympians preparing to be strong competition this year.

Week 6 – 01/08/21

The All-London Premier clash of the Blitz and Olympians returns this week as well as the rematch of the Spartans v Romans. My pick of the week, however, is the Local clash between Tamworth Phoenix and Sandwell Steelers. Following their promotion in 2019 Sandwell will have this game marked as one where they can set a marker for the 2022 season.

Week 7 – 08/08/21

This game week has plenty of good fixtures including the Birmingham Bulls v the South Wales Warriors. The game of the week though belongs North of the Border in Scotland, The Edinburgh Wolves Travelling to the East Kilbride Pirates. The title for Scotland’s Number 1 team is once again on the line with this rivalry being reignited once more.

Week 8 – 15/08/21

The London Hornets host the Wembley Stallions which is set up to be another good clash however my pick for game of the week here is the Sussex Thunder v the Rushmoor Knights. The Knights were relegated from the premiership in 2019 and will be hoping to mount a promotion push for 2022. The Thunder now without the Solent Thrashers in their way will be hoping to do the same. This could be a good preview of a potential fixture next season.

Week 9 – 22/08/21

Sorry to every other game this week but its Blitz v Warriors week with the Warriors hosting, so naturally its game of the week.

Week 10 – 28/08/21

A Yorkshire Derby between the Leeds Bobcats and Yorkshire Rams this week however my pick for game of the week is the Saturday clash Between the Leicester Falcons and the Tamworth Phoenix. Despite their relegation in 2019 the Falcons put up a good fight against Tamworth in their 2nd game out. I am sure they will have this one marked in their calendar.

Week 11 – 05/09/21

The London Olympians faceoff against the Warriors again, however my game of the week is the Solent Thrashers hosting the Rushmoor knights, the team that came down from the Premiership in 2019 v the team that went up. This could be a good indicator for both teams on how their preparation for 2022 is going.

Week 12 – 12/09/21

There are a couple of games with some potential this week that perhaps lack a bit of the flare of other game weeks. I am interested to see how The Chester Romans and Lancashire Wolverines fair against the Manchester Titans and Merseyside Nighthawks, respectively. Put my game of the week is the Norwich Devils Hosting the Ipswich Cardinals. These divisional opponents met twice in 2019 playing out a 31-31 tie followed up by a 27-21 win for the Devils. Should be a great matchup

Week 13 – 19/09/21

A few good-looking games this week including the Olympians against the Exiles which should be a good matchup, but once again this week belongs to London’s top two teams as the Blitz meet the Warriors once more.

Week 14 – 26/09/21

This week has two main showdowns, and both are previous games of the week. We have the rematch between the Solent Thrashers and the Rushmoor Knights and the exciting contest between the Merseyside Nighthawks and the Manchester Titans.

Week 15 – 03/10/21

The last English and Welsh matchup feature this week however it is the Aztecs against South Wales, so I am not overly thrilled about it. Two senior Division 2 teams face off against rookie teams in Scotland so the Game of the week will feature an All Div. 1 matchup between the Aberdeen Roughnecks and the Inverclyde Goliaths. These two teams have never met and are the back-to-back Winners of the NFC2 Championship.

Week 16 – 10/10/21

There is only one game so all eyes will be on the clash Between the Glasgow Tigers and the Edinburgh Wolves. A game which was entertaining many years ago so hopefully can be again

Week 17 – 17/10/21

Two games this week the Dumfries Hunters take on the Associate Highland stags. But the game to watch will be the Inverclyde Goliaths hosting the East Kilbride Pirates. The team newly promoted to Division 1 playing one of the front runners in the division in 2019.

Week 18 – 24/10/21

Only one game this week with new league team the Dunfermline Kings travelling to take on the Clyde Valley Blackhawks. Two teams that will meet once the divisions return to normal. A chance for the Kings to test themselves.

Week 19 – 31/10/21

The final fixture of the 2021 season featuring an all Division 1 clash between the Glasgow Tigers and Inverclyde Goliaths. Another chance for the newly promoted Goliaths to test their mettle.

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  1. Paul Breen on 18th May 2021 at 7:37 pm

    It’s going to be great to have Britball back once again and after reading Chris Breen’s article it look like there are some very tasty matchups heading our way!

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