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It was all over the place at times but somehow the Britball community managed to complete the season. Well kind of. We had some games cancelled due to Covid outbreaks, injury and those who just didn’t want to avoid taking a hiding from teams two divisions above them.

Out of all this, there were some very good moments that came of this year and we feel like they should be highlighted. We put together a list of what we thought were worthy accolades. So, here are our awards and the winners.

Team of the Year – Solent Thrashers

The Solent Thrashers have now gone 2 whole seasons unbeaten and although they weren’t playing in the Premiership South, as was planned before the season started, they won all their games with relative ease and even stepped up to play and beat the Premiership South’s London Olympians. They had numerous plays nominated for Plays of the Week, two of which won. Coached by Steve Rains, they look to be going from strength to strength and no doubt will be ready to face the big boys of the Premiership South next season.

Rookie Team of the Year – Northants Knights

The Northants Knights came into this season after going through the associate process and were ready for battle from day 1. They tested themselves against both Division 1 & 2 teams and didn’t look out of place against either. From Youth and Junior setup to the Adult team they have everything in place to grow over the coming years and make themselves a force to be reckoned with.

Most Surprising Teams

Good – Bournemouth Bobcats

The Bournemouth Bobcats made it all the way to the Division 2 final in 2019 before being promoted into Division 1 for the 2020 season. In 2021 as well as being in with Division 1 opponents the Portsmouth Dreadnoughts, they found themselves in a Division with the Solent Thrashers (Division 1 Champions 2019), Sussex Thunder (Div 1 Semi-finalists 2019), & Rushmoor Knights (Premiership South 2019). This is a tough group no matter which way you look at it, but they managed wins against every team, with exception of the Thrashers, and showed they belong in Division 1 next season.

Bad – Torbay Trojans

The Torbay Trojans were one of our favourites to potentially go undefeated in their Division this year after making the playoffs in 2019, but they seemed to struggle. Rumours of players leaving to nearby teams and a change of Head Coach bringing in new systems led to them not winning a single game. The scariest thing for the Trojans is that it was all teams they will likely face next season and will have to make some significant improvements if they are to avoid the same in 2022.

Most Improved Team– Chester Romans

The Chester Romans have been building since 2018 when they made it to the Division 2 final. They have since recruited heavily, got some great sponsors, improved media and now look to have a squad that will compete for the Division 1 title next year. They were mighty close to twice knocking off a Premiership Nighthawks team and set the Britball record for the score of 127-0. . . If we see continued progression like this through to 2022 you can expect to see them up there with the likes of EKP and Leicester.

Biggest Regression – Sussex Thunder

The Sussex Thunder’s fall from grace this season has been wild. Before the season started rumours of monstrous roster sizes spread as they introduced a B team to the National Leagues. Then something went very, very wrong which led to them losing heavily to opponents they had normally competed with, players and coaches leaving and ultimately them not completing the season. It’s worrying signs for a team that have been top of the Division 1 pile for several years now. We hope they return to a better place for 2022.

Best Social Media Presence – Humber Warhawks

Not only did the Humber Warhawks show improvement on the field, but they also showed off some new abilities off the field. Their social media team needs a round of applause as they were outstanding this year, giving not only the Britball community a laugh but inspiring many other teams to follow in their footsteps. 10/10 for the effort this year lads.

Britball MVP – Sam Bloomfield (QB Manchester Titans)

Sam Bloomfield put together a season this year that nobody else will have gotten close to. Even when you consider some of the oppositions the Titans faced this year, the number of touchdowns alone he put up is exceptional. The scheme, a huge offensive line, and talent at every offensive position, obviously provided some help, however, to lead and command an offence that productive is something not everyone can do. Using his arm and legs to rack up touchdown scores throughout the season, Sam and the Manchester Titans offence scored on everyone they faced this season with relative ease (except when it rained) whether it was Premiership or Division 1 teams.

Stats – 41TDs, 6INTs, 0 Fumbles, 3 Rushing TDs (246 Points scored not including 2 PAT’s)

Coach of the Year – Jason Shaw (Yorkshire Rams)

The Yorkshire Rams were a hit or a miss in 2019 when they played in Division 1, mainly due to small squad numbers. They have taken the time off to rebuild and recruit as they presented a much larger squad for the 2021 season. The Rams got to work easily dispatching all the teams they faced this season with exception of the Premiership level Sheffield Giants.

After a close first half in Game 1 where the Giants led before the game was called due to adverse weather, the Rams decided they wanted a piece of the Premiership side in the return fixture as they ran out winners in the last game of the season. Jason Shaw has been at the heart of this and deserves the plaudits for leading the team to this point. We look forward to seeing how they do in 2022.

Specialist of the Year – Sam Fraser (Wembley Stallions)

All year we were sent plays for this guy, and it wasn’t just in Special Teams either, however it was his Special Teams plays that made us watch repeatedly. He had several punts and kick-off returns throughout the season showing great speed and ability to read his blocks. Let’s hope he’s on the GB roster as their kick returner.

Play of the Year – John Alex ‘ Titi’ Geas (Solent Thrasher)

We had many of these sent to us on Instagram and Twitter this year that could be considered for this award. From the Sam Fraser return touchdowns, to the Birmingham Bulls’ tight corner of the endzone throw and catch we had a wide variety. There was a standout winner this year and that came in the form a wild run by ‘Titi’ Geas with offensive line blocking 10 yards downfield (centre 14 yards), 3+ broken tackles, a stiff arm, and a spin move.

See it again in the below video.

Pic Credit: Jason Brown Photography

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  1. Paul Breen on 22nd October 2021 at 3:56 pm

    As I am still learning a lot about these Britball teams but have definitely heard of all involved in these awards.
    Congratulations to them all.

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