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With the new season fast approaching and teams beginning to return to training for pre-season, BAFA have now announced the conference alignments for the 2022 BAFA National Leagues campaign. This year sees the return of the traditional format and a return to competitive football again, and some of the potential matchups are mouth-watering to say the least. While there have been accusations of only being out to “Bash BAFA” I am pleased to say that the alignments look fantastic, and I think it’s a job well done.

As we have looked at the Premier Division and Division 1, it’s time to take a look into how the conferences will look across Division 2.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the divisions and how they will stack up this year.


NFC2 North

  • Aberdeen Roughnecks
  • Clyde Valley Blackhawks
  • Dumfries Hunters
  • Dunfermline Kings
  • Highland Stags

With the Roughnecks dropping down a division and the Highland Stags finally being granted membership into the league following their strong showing in 2021, this division will once again return to an all-Scottish affair. In 2020 it was supposed to have Gateshead and Darlington but due to the 2 additions, it has allowed a much friendlier geographic spread for Aberdeen and the Stags who have now replaced them as Britballs most Northern team, and by some margin, I may add. The teams are stacked with experience at this level and could be a good division to keep an eye on.

NFC2 South

  • Doncaster Mustangs
  • Humber Warhawks
  • Lincolnshire Bombers
  • Scunthorpe Alphas
  • South Lincolnshire Lightning

The Mustangs will stay with their relegation in 2019 and look to continue to rebuild through Division 2 even with their strong showings in 2021. Two new teams who played last year will join in with the Scunthorpe Alphas and South Lincs Lightning both making their competitive debuts this year. Another good-looking division that should provide plenty of entertainment.

NFC2 East

  • Darlington Steam
  • DC Presidents
  • Gateshead Senators
  • Knottingley Raiders
  • Leeds Bobcats

As spoken about above, the additions in the North allow for the Steam and Senators to play much closer to home with a combined North-East and Yorkshire based division, The Presidents return to competitive football in 2022 after a long hiatus and a tricky 2021 after being granted membership status. However this time around they won’t have to deal with the Northumberland Vikings, but still have a lot of experienced Division 2 teams around them.

NFC2 West

  • Crewe Railroaders
  • Leigh Miners
  • Morecambe Bay Storm
  • Staffordshire Surge

Only four teams are in this division which will make the matchups uneven as opposed to the home and away v every opponent of the previous 3 divisions. The Leigh Miners were given a baptism by fire in 2021 but gained their membership and will now enter into a division with much more suitable opposition. The Surge and Railroaders will also be relieved to be seeing teams not called Tamworth and Leicester.


SFC2 North

  • Berkshire Renegades
  • Hereford Stampede
  • Northants Knights
  • Swindon Storm
  • Worcestershire Black Knights

The Renegades have dropped down into Division 2 and will be joined by the Northants Knights in the SFC2 North. The Knights made quite the impression last year against some experienced opponents including the Nottingham Caesars This conference has such a wide range of experience at this level and should provide for some quality matchups

SFC2 South

  • East Essex Sabres
  • East Kent Mavericks
  • South East Squadron
  • Sussex Thunderbolts

The Sabres and Mavericks are familiar foes and will once again face off in a conference together. This time they will be joined by the Sussex Thunderbolts and the South East Squadron. Similar to their 2021 season but with the Essex Spartans moved up to Division 1.

SFC2 East

  • Colchester Gladiators
  • Ipswich Cardinals
  • Norwich Devils
  • Ouse Valley Eagles

Another Similar Division to that of 2021 the SFC2 East features the two teams relegated from the same division in 2019 in the Eagles and Colchester. Like last year they will be joining the Norwich Devils and the Ipswich Cardinals in what had some game of the week games in 2021

SFC2 West

  • Bristol Apache
  • Cornwall Monarchs
  • Somerset Wyverns
  • Torbay Trojans

The SFC2 West looks like it did in the 2021 season with the loss of the Jurassic Coast Raptors who unfortunately withdrew from the league. The teams will be awfully familiar with each other which hopefully leads to some good close games in the 2022 season.

Once again, the alignments look good and I am sure the teams are looking forward to hitting the ground running.

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