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The White Rose division is a heavily Yorkshire based Division with one Premier Division Team (Sheffield Giants) one Division one team (Yorkshire Rams) and the remaining four teams from Division 2 (Doncaster Mustangs, Humber Warhawks, Knottingley Raiders and Leeds Bobcats)


Division 2

2019 record – 0-10

Last Game – 60-0 Loss v Chester Romans

2019 was about as brutal as it can get for a team. They were in a very tough division and seemed to suffer from other teams sprouting up in Yorkshire over the last few years. In 10 games they scored 20 points and conceded 457, suffered 7 shutouts and 1 forfeit. It’s hard to tell if they have recovered some numbers looking on social media which makes them hard to predict.

Ceiling: 5-3

Floor: 2-6

I feel the most winnable games for the Mustangs are against Humber and Knottingley, but both of those teams took forward steps in 2019 so it is hard to call. Worst case I can see them splitting with Humber and getting the win in their solitary matchup with Knottingley. However, they could win all three of those matchups and perhaps the two against Leeds Bobcats depending on how much the squad has replenished.


Division 2

2019 Record – 3-5

Last Game – 42-20 Win v Crewe Railroaders

Humber managed a combined two wins in 2017 and 2018, yet they managed three wins in 2019, showing clear signs of steps forward. They did the double over the winless Railroaders and managed a shock win against the Staffordshire Surge. It is unclear how much they will be affected by the Alphas being established in Scunthorpe, that, much like with the Mustangs, could be a factor in 2021 performance.

Ceiling: 4-4

Floor: 2-6

Humber will be looking at the clashes with the Raiders as key games, but they will also likely have their eyes on Doncaster given how unknown they could be. This is an opportunity for the Warhawks to keep building and test themselves with a team like Leeds. I think their matchups with Yorkshire and Sheffield may not be too kind to them however, especially given their game against the Premierships Giants comes at the end of a Three game stretch the week after they play the Rams.


Division 2

2019 record – 3-5

Last Game – 19-8 Loss v Furness Phantoms

The Raiders also had their first season in 2017 and over their first two seasons, they struggled to make their mark. Then in 2019 they managed to put together three wins, two against Morecambe Bay and one against Furness. They did also face one of their 2021 opponents, the Leeds Bobcats, putting up a much stronger showing the 2nd time round. The question much like with so many other teams is have they managed to build?

Ceiling: 3-5

Floor: 0-8

The Raiders have been handed a tough Schedule, with two games against the Sheffield Giants and two against the Yorkshire Rams. Ultimately that will influence their whole season. They may look to their 2nd game against the Mustangs and then have both eyes on the two matchups with Humber. However, both their meetings with the Warhawks come after facing off against the Division one Rams, and they will see the Giants twice and the Rams once before that first meeting with Humber. I think that could cause them to suffer and possibly leave the season empty-handed.


Division 2

2019 record – 6-2

Last Game – 26-8 Loss v Clyde Valley Blackhawks

The Bobcats Were Promoted in 2017, then suffered a winless season in 2018 in Division one however they rebounded well in 2019 with their only regular-season losses coming at the hands of the eventual finalist Halton Spartans. The only familiar opponent on their 2021 schedule from 2019 is the Knottingley Raiders.

Ceiling: 5-3

Floor: 4-4

The Bobcats only meet the Yorkshire Rams once, but they face the Sheffield Giants twice. Outside of that though the Bobcats will be expecting to win all their other games. Drawing their final game of the season as the Premiership Giants at the end of four games on the bounce is going to be a tough end to the season for Leeds, but I expect they will have wrapped up their 5 wins by then. At most maybe they drop a single game somewhere else perhaps to the mustangs, but they will be expecting to hit their ceiling as a minimum.


Premier Division

2019 record – 2-7-1

Last Game – 22-22 Tie v Merseyside Nighthawks

You may think it’s safe to assume the Giants were only as good as their record in 2019, only just surviving the drop on the last game of the season with a tie against the Nighthawks but honestly, I don’t think this is the case. They had the third-best defence in the Premiership North and were competitive in every game. This season may be what the Giants need to boost their confidence before returning to Premiership action in 2022. They are the sole Premier team and only face a single Division one team, meaning they will get plenty of opportunity to rotate their squad and give some players time to shine.

Ceiling: 8-0

Floor: 8-0

The Giants should finish the 2021 season a perfect 8-0. There is a large gap between them and the other teams around them and with their Defence the way it is I sympathise with the Quarterbacks and Running backs of their opponents. I could see the Giants producing a 50 Burger every game on the offensive side as well.


Division 1

2019 record – 4-6

Last Game – 15-12 Win v Glasgow Tigers

The Rams had an unusual 2019, they started the season pegged as potential contenders for the division before opening their season with a 42-0 home loss to the promoted Aberdeen Roughnecks in what was one of the most unexpected results across the league that year. They then followed up with a Loss to Glasgow. But they picked up in the 2nd half of the season doing the double over Gateshead, getting revenge on the Tigers and also managing one of the largest turnarounds I have seen by then beating Aberdeen 2-0 after making the massive journey to the North of Scotland. They will be looking to use the 2nd half of their season to build on for 2021 ready to get out the traps quicker in the return to Division 1 ball in 2022.

Ceiling: 6-2

Floor: 6-2

I expect they will do just that. I can’t see them challenging the Sheffield Giants, but they should have more than enough to dispatch the rest of their competition in their 2021 division. They will have a nice local schedule including city rivals, Leeds Bobcats. This year should serve as a great opportunity to use their whole squad and build confidence.

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  1. Paul Breen on 10th June 2021 at 7:19 pm

    Another comprehensive look of Britball teams.
    There seems to be a few teams in around the same area but each to their own.

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