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With Brady in the NFC South, how does the record of each team change and who comes out on top in our 2020 predictions?

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2020 Record Predictions NFC South Falcons
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Atlanta Falcons (10-6)

I expected much better things from the Falcons last year but they just never happened. They really only started winning at the end of the season when they realized their coach may get the sack. They still have a strong squad, the acquisitions of Gurley, Hurst, Fowler and their draft selections bolstered their squad. Matt Ryan has all the offensive weapons he will need and the defence is looking better and healthier this season. The Falcons start with a tough matchup where they lose to the Seahawks, however, they then win seven of their next eight games only losing to the Vikings before the bye. After the bye, they have a tough stretch losing twice to the Saints, once to the Buccaneers and Kansas City.

Carolina Panthers (1-15)

This looks like it will be a tough season for the Panthers this year as they start to rebuild the franchise. They have a new head coach and coordinator, lost their star tight end and hall of fame middle linebacker. They have a star player in Christian McCaffrey and now a new quarterback with some decent offensive pieces. However, they lack an offensive line and although they boosted the defence in the draft with some great picks they will just concede too many points to win games. I have them winning one game all season and that is against the Chicago Bears. I think they will have shots at three or four other teams for wins so it could go either way but the only one I see being a definite win if everyone else shows up, is that game.

2020 Record Predictions NFC South Saints

New Orleans Saints (14-2)

The Saints have been on the edge of getting to the Superbowl for a few years now with an excellent all-round squad. They have a hall of fame quarterback, an impressive offensive line/defensive line and talent at all the skill positions. This team is set up for a Super Bowl run again this year and if their defence can tighten up and give away fewer points they have to be in the top three. The Saints win their opening seven games before losing the second game to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. They lose another game to the 49ers and that is all they lose.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (12-4)

The Buccaneers have Tom Brady at the helm, who would have thought it and wouldn’t you know Gronkowski followed him. This team had a quarterback last year throw for 5000 yards and still finished with a negative record because of all the interceptions. They have an incredible offense from the line to the receivers and a young, up and coming defence. I think they lose the opener to the Saints, then win 10 in a row until they face the Chiefs, Vikings and Falcons losing all three bouts before beating Detroit and claiming revenge on the Falcons in week 16.

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