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The NFC East is a toss em up between the Eagles and the Cowboys, but not in our 2020 record predictions, who will come out on top?

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2020 Record Predictions NFC East Cowboys
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Dallas Cowboys (10-6)

The Dallas Cowboys were in a prime position last year to have a really good season but it just didn’t work out. They have a top-five offensive line, top three running back and top 10 wide receivers going into this season. The team filled some needs in free agency and added some great prospects in the draft, the only weakness being they don’t have the best secondary. They really have no excuses for not being in the playoffs and with a new head coach, they will be hoping they get there, especially looking at their schedule. I see them losing six games here to the Falcons, Seahawks, Eagles, Vikings, Ravens and 49ers.

New York Giants (4-11-1)

Another year looms where the struggles for the Giants continue I’m afraid. They have a pretty solid looking offensive line now to protect Barkley and Jones which is good news and they have some top talent on their defence now, however, I struggle to see where they pick up many wins. Week four against the Rams they pick up their first win and follow that with a tie against the Redskins in week six. They are bound to beat the Redskins and Eagles in one of their two games randomly and scrape a win against the Cardinals.

2020 Record Predictions NFC East Eagles

Philadelphia Eagles (8-8)

The Eagles have a scary defensive line that I don’t think anyone will want to play. Their offense on paper looks alright, however, the loss of their starting right guard Brandon Brooks is a huge loss and they drafted Jalen Hurts which was another strange pick in this year’s draft considering they just paid Wentz $30 million per year. If this team stays fit they are pretty decent. I think they win five of their first eight games, only losing to the 49ers, Ravens and Cowboys. Then in the back half, I have them losing five in a row before winning the last three, so close out an up and down season at 8-8.

Washington Redskins (1-14-1)

The Redskins are very much going into a period of transition. They have new staff changes coming and a new head coach which will make it hard for the team to settle this season. The offense is young and inexperienced at the skill positions and they lost their starting left tackle. On the defensive side of the ball, they have a good pass rush and are building around that. Through five weeks I don’t see them picking up a single win before getting a tie against the Giants in week six. In week 16 they pick up a win against the Panthers but that is all the wins they pick up.

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