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What every team needs to address in the draft NFC WEST addition

In this article we discuss where each team needs to fill a weakness in their team or for some teams potentially just gain more depth.

Arizona Cardinals

Last season the Cardinals started going in the right direction. They brought in a new coach who changed their style of play, got a new young quarterback and the organization is starting to build. They have struggled to stop other teams scoring on them as last year they had a deficit of 80 points even though they managed to put up nearly 400 of their own on offence. In free agency they have started to address this with additions at linebacker, outside linebacker and probably their best acquisition in defensive tackle Jordan Phillips who had 9.5 sacks last year at the Buffalo Bills. They have added some more firepower through Kenyon Drake after losing David Johnson to possibly the weirdest trade this offseason. For David Johnson and a 4th round pick they managed to get DeAndre Hopkins from Houston. Fitzgerald, Kirk and Hopkins as your wide receiver trio is not to taken lightly.

Biggest Need

They don’t really have a glaring need anywhere looking at their roster. I would be looking for them to trade back and gain some more picks in the 2nd or 3rd rounds. If they feel like they are not getting any decent offers one of the top 3 offensive tackles one of the top 2 Defensive tackles would be a good selection. If Isaiah Simmons falls here I think he would be a good selection also.

Other Needs – RB, DE, CB

Los Angeles Rams

A few years back when the Rams made the Superbowl I was quite vocal around them being a win it now or you’re in trouble. They threw so much money at players and draft picks that if they had won that Superbowl all would have been forgiven for a rebuild, however now they are having to rebuild without the title. The Rams don’t have picks until the end of the 2nd round of the draft for a start and have a lot of holes to fill. On the positive side they do still have some good units. They have a good offensive line, some decent weapons at wide receiver and probably the best corner in the game in Jalen Ramsey. During free agency they let go of a lot of expensive players to other teams. Managing to keep Michael Brockers, Andrew Whitworth and Austin Blythe which are all positive moves. Signing Leonard Floyd to replace Fowler on a one year prove-it deal is a decent pick up.

Biggest Need

LB/OLB/DE – After losing some of their top linebackers during free agency they could really do with getting one in the draft that they can plug and play. They don’t pick until #52 in the second round so they are going to have to hit each of these picks spot on.

Other needs – DE, RB, Safety, WR

San Francisco 49ers

First, a bravo to John Lynch for his strategy over the last few years, he has done free agency and the draft the right way and built one hell of a team. He had one mishap in this and that was paying Jimmy G so much money for him to be the weakest link on the team. The 49ers have a very solid team after not really losing any of their players from last years Superbowl run. They have managed to resign them all except for Buckner (traded to the colts for 11th pick) and not resigning Sanders. They need a new coach for when they are in the Superbowl itself as that’s now two that Shanahan has thrown away. Arik Armstead getting so much money is possibly a bit of a worry considering he didn’t play well at all until his contract year last year when he had as many sacks as the first 4 years combined (10).

Biggest Need

With two picks in the first round, #11 & #31, the 49ers can afford to pick the best player available across the board. They could easily surprise everyone by taking the best receiver at #11 to replace Sanders or trade both picks so they can move up and select someone they really want. I think they could do with changing their Quarterback but with the amount of money he is on that’s not happening.

Other Needs – DT, Safety, RB

Seattle Seahawks

The Seahawks driven by the magician that is Russell Wilson had another great year last year and if anything, they have strengthened their team in free agency. Going and getting Greg Olsen is a brilliant move. This guy is a future HOF tight end that will be a matchup nightmare for the opposition. They secured the services of two offensive tackles and 3 offensive guards to replace losses and make the unit deeper, the most interesting of which is former 1st round talent Chance Warmack who sat out last season due to injuries to let himself recover. Their defensive front is well set with new addition of Bruce Irvin although they could possibly use a pass rusher.

DE/RB – The Seahawks have the luxury of being deep across the board. I would think by pick #27 if the likes of Jonathon Taylor are still there they take him as Pete Carroll like his tough backs. They need some help at the pass rush position but as said in previous teams’ articles there really aren’t a huge amount of talented Defensive ends available.

Other Needs – LB, CB, WR

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