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What every team needs to address in the draft NFC SOUTH addition

In this article we discuss where each team needs to fill a weakness in their team or for some teams potentially just gain more depth.

Atlanta Falcons

Perhaps the most disappointing team I thought were in line for great things last year that just didn’t produce until they heard their head coach might get fired. They had an unbelievable list at skill positions and an offensive line that looked up in the top 10 talent-wise. They have had some injury worries on their defence which has slowed them down a little and may need to strengthen here for the coming season. In free agency they have been active and after letting Freeman walk they signed Todd Gurley who (when fit) is one of the most electric players in the NFL. They also managed to get Dante Fowler Jr away from the rams which will help them get pressure on the oppositions QB.

Biggest Need

CB – After cutting Trufant from the roster this offseason the Falcons are really lacking a good corner but with the #16 pick they may get the choice of corner-backs outside of Okudah. CJ Henderson is rated as the next best corner coming out of Florida but may be a reach. If they don’t want to choose this high they could trade back for draft capital.

Other Needs – LB, DE, RB

Carolina Panthers

The Carolina Panthers were pretty set going into the 2019 season even with Cam Newton’s status being somewhat unknown. They have one of the best football players (not just running back) to come out of college in the last while, a solid defence and some weapons on offence, however after a promising 5-3 record at halfway they lost the rest of their games and Rivera was fired. They have since lost one of the best linebackers in the NFL to retirement along with some other key players so will be trying to rebuild under the new Head Coach which may take longer than a season.

Biggest Need

DL – Really, I think the panthers need to try and gain some picks as they have a lot of holes to fill in this team but I’m not sure they can pass on Derrick Brown DT from Auburn if he is there. I watched him chase down skill players from behind last season at 330lbs. He is a beast of a defensive tackle and can see them taking him and a guard or linebacker in the 2nd round.

Other needs – LB/OLB, OG, TE, WR, QB

New Orleans Saints

The Saints have been topping the pile for a few seasons now in the NFC and looking at their roster I struggle to see where their weaknesses are to be honest. After resigning some key players like Brees and Andrus Peat they then went out and got Malcolm Jenkins (Safety) and Emmanuel Sanders (Wide Receiver) among numerous other acquisitions particularly depth at defensive back. This team should be up there again this year with the squad they have.

Biggest Need

Best player available – They could pick an O-linemen even if they reach for them, choose to trade out of the first round and get some more picks or take a top 3 OLB prospect. They should take whoever they think is the best player that will benefit them dependant on where everyone else goes.

Other Needs – OG, CB, Safety, QB

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 

Tampa bay must be one of the most intriguing teams going into the season this year for several different reasons. Firstly, they had a quarterback that threw the second-most touchdowns in the league last year and whether he could see or not the reason it’s not still him as their QB is because he threw 30 interceptions. . . They have now got the GOAT himself as their quarterback and he will not make those mistakes in this talented offence. I have been one that believes Brady being so good is down to the system and coach he was with, but he will get the chance to prove me stupid here. The offensive line could do with some standout players and depth, the skill positions are excellent. On the defensive side of the ball they are a young team but have a great mix of youth and experience in key positions like DE/OLB.

Biggest Need

OL – They have a decent line but not very many standouts at any of the positions. A franchise tackle would be the best thing they could do here to help Brady stay upright and running lanes for Ronald Jones.

Other Needs – RB, DE, WR, CB, Safety

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