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Tonight is the biggest night for athletes coming out of their college program and into the w0rld of professional sports in the NFL. The draft is a once in a lifetime experience and waiting to have your name called and getting to walk out onto the stage must be unbelievably nerve-wracking and exciting.

We usually see the first round all announced by the commissioner while he gets boo’ed no matter what, then the other rounds go into legends, fans and celebrities to announce their selections. Some even go as far as winding up the fans from divisional opponents and really getting the crowd going.

Well this year for the first time the Jaguars will announce some of their picks from Wembley Stadium in London. In another show of commitment from the Jaguars to fans of American football in the UK, they will select some key frontline workers to read out their selections in the 4th round.

Nici Waugh, a Carer for Thurlaston Meadows Care Home in Rugby, faced one of the “most challenging and heart wrenching experiences” of her life as she battled to protect the residents against the virus that took the life of over 30,000 care home patients across the UK. Staying overnight at the Care Home for weeks at a time to provide support around the clock, Nici and her fellow colleagues showed great commitment against overwhelming odds.
Meanwhile, Paul Doonan, an A&E Nurse at Whittington Hospital in North London worked tirelessly on the front line of the pandemic, providing vital care for hospitalised COVID-19 patients. Paul, who also welcomed his first child to the world in the midst of the pandemic, said “it’s been a very long and tiring year, but the support shown across the nation has been incredible”.

Both avid Jaguars fans, Nici and Paul will reveal the latest player joining the franchise to an audience anticipated to exceed 8 million viewers.
“To be involved in the NFL Draft is such an exciting opportunity, but especially this year as the Jaguars hold the No. 1 overall pick and the opportunity to select QB Trevor Lawrence, a generational NFL star in the making” said Paul.

Nici added, “having attended the last five Jaguars London games, my daughter and I couldn’t believe it when I was selected to make the announcement. It is such an honour to represent key workers from across the UK at such a momentous event”.

Hussain Naqi, Senior Vice President, International Development for the Jacksonville Jaguars said: “I cannot put into words how humbled we are by the enduring dedication of so many in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. We are delighted to be able to show a token of our thanks by giving these two incredible key workers and Jaguars fans, Nici and Paul, an opportunity to be a part of the 2021 NFL Draft”.

These choices will likely be a supporting cast for Trevor Lawerence at his new team so it could be interesting.

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