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When I heard that the Leigh Miners were dropping a documentary, I honestly feared for and expected the worst. The team started life as an 8-a-side team and were going to be part of the 8GL before controversy surrounding the league forced it to fold.

Leigh then joined the BAFANL for the 2021 season, where due to the pandemic, they found themselves in a strange situation where they were to play their associate season as part of a makeshift division (Red Rose) containing teams in their local area. This meant that they were facing established teams from Division 2 and 1.

Results did not go well and Leigh ended the season with an 0-5 record, scoring only 15 points total and conceding a massive 357 points. They were convincingly thumped every single game, entering the record books in Week 10 for the wrong reasons as they were beaten 127-0 by the Chester Romans. This being the highest margin of defeat in Britball since the mercy rule came into existence.

So, given the above, I could perhaps be forgiven for expecting a ‘car crash’ experience when watching their documentary. Well, perhaps not. Regardless of their poor on-field performances, if you take a closer look at the club, they have been well run. They had decent kits, good branding, active social media, a will to play games, no mismatching lids or pants, and have secured £13k of funding from Sport England and local councils.

In short, the documentary (which is labelled as ‘The Beginning Part 1″) left me wanting to watch more, and for all the right reasons. I enjoyed it. There are short interviews with founder and General Manager James Higham and Quarterback Yan Jones. Both are very candid and open, showing the heart of the club.

There are numerous shots of the great facilities that the club uses and insight into how the club prepare for their first fixture against the Lancashire Wolverines.

It is not clear how many parts there will be to this docu-series but I’m looking forward to more. It’s great to see a club, particularly an associate side, spend the time and effort to produce this sort of content. I’d love to see more of the same from other clubs and even BAFA, BAFRA and BAFCA as it is fascinating to lift the lid on these organisations.

Watch the first part of the docu-series here:

Part 1 of the documentary about the 2021 associate season of the Leigh Miners American Football Team. This part tells the story leading up to the team’s first-ever BAFA fixture.

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