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Following the recent allegations of players training un-kitted v kitted at the Saint Helen Cardinals which have been linked to the tragic death of a player, Jack Welding, photos have emerged online of BAFA team The Ipswich Cardinals (yes, Cardinals) also training with kitted and un-kitted players competing against each other on Sunday December 6th.

This post has since been removed from Facebook

Unfortunately, it seems that recent events have not been taken seriously in East-Anglia and as a community it is disappointing that yet again we are talking about the same scenarios over and over again.

All images below were taken at the Ipswich Cardinals practice session on Sunday December 6th 2020:

It also appears that some from Ipswich are not bothered about player safety, with one member commenting the following on a Facebook post:

“There’s always a risk of people getting injured with or without equipment. Contact or non-contact, it’s a contact sport stop being pussies. No one was out there tackling people, everyone was taking precautions.

It’s attitudes like this that will damage and hinder the sport from progressing and it’s important that going forward player safety is the number one priority for all clubs. As a community, we must continue to call clubs out for dangerous and irresponsible practices and encourage safe playing environments for everyone involved at any level of the sport. 

We have reached out to Ipswich for comment, they are yet to respond.

Credit to Near The Coast for the images. 

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  1. Des Fisher on 9th December 2020 at 5:16 pm

    Please remove the copyrighted images in this article used without permission.

    Thank you – des fisher

    • Twm Owen on 9th December 2020 at 10:19 pm

      There is no need for Gridiron Hub to remove these copyrighted images as they have a ‘fair usage’ right to use them – essentially they are sharing the images in the public interest.

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