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Popular Fundraising Community Group Joins Gridiron Hub As They Target Expansion

We are delighted to announce that Hail Mary Hits is now a part of Gridiron Hub. We have long partnered with the Fundraising Group and have been the host for their payment and raffle ticket services for just over 2 years. In that time Hail Mary Hits has given more than £40,000 to UK based American Football clubs and become a recognised, loved and respected brand in the UK game.

The founder of Hail Mary Hits, Marc Holden, has always had a very strong relationship with CEO of Gridiron Hub, Steve Price. Some months back during a general chat, Marc mentioned that he felt he had accomplished what he set out to with Hail Mary Hits and wanted to ‘ride off into the sunset’ and take on his next challenge.

It was then suggested that Hail Mary Hits joins Gridiron Hub so that the amazing fundraising efforts can continue to support clubs during this difficult pandemic era and beyond. To cut a long story short, that’s what has happened, however, Marc has kindly agreed to stay involved (albeit with a giant step back from tactical operations).

Marc broke the news to the Hail Mary Hits Facebook Group earlier this evening and there will be a number of follow up comms over the coming weeks as we organise things behind the scenes.

Marc explained that “The resources of Gridiron Hub will enable a load of things that I have spoke about before but just not have the time to get done. So the Membership Scheme, Member Meetups, Merchandise, More Raffles, Supply Chain, and deeper Community Involvement I will now have help with. Hail Mary Hits as a brand is still going to exist as it does now, it just has larger team behind it to help me out.”

Both Steve & Marc have plans to appear on a Livestream together for the Hail Mary Hits Community Members, during this they will outline some of the finer details, developmental ideas and answer any questions. Once information has been shared with the Hail Mary Hits Community, Gridiron Hub will post updates to the general public.

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