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It’s been around 2 years since sycophantic American Football outlet Double Coverage (DC) ceased operations and ground to a halt. When it launched, DC was fantastic, run by lots of enthusiastic and funny writers who wanted to build something for the game.

Unfortunately, the appointment of Nick Wilson-Town as 95% shareholder of the organisation in early November 2016 was to mark the beginning of the end for the once adored outlet.

Nick had worked as a writer for DC and jumped at the chance to take it over as he had a great number of ambitious plans that he believed would benefit Britball through DC. The problem was that Nick, by his own admission, was not very business savvy and had no idea how to raise capital or indeed revenue.

Slowly the writers started to leave DC, some were replaced but DC was left a shadow of its former self. Nick tried in earnest to raise money for DC through a Patreon scheme where individuals paid a monthly amount in return for exclusive content. After a few pieces, the exclusive content dried up however a few subscribers stayed as they were happy to support DC. Nick also charged clubs £10 to list coaching vacancies and made some money through advertising too, but was never enough to sustain the business.

Nick tried to run DC full-time but often found himself frustrated that his efforts were not met by those in the sport. His megalomanic nature often leading to frayed relationships throughout the game.

Fast forward to November 2018, Mick Tyler and Guy Kersey now own a majority 60% of DC between them. This was all about Nick knowing his weaknesses and trying to address them. He wanted to introduce businessmen with financial clout that understood the sport and indeed his vision.

Mick and Guy had tried and failed to create a spin-off Semi-professional league from the best Britball clubs. Their new league was called the UKAFL – United Kingdom American Football League and after not getting the support they wanted from BAFA, Mick and Guy then took the brand in the direction of Livestreaming. When this failed, Guy left Double Coverage but stayed involved in UKAFL. UKAFL was then morphed once again, this time into a media outlet. This was a very strange move considering that Mick now owned 48% of DC by himself. Why would he want to saturate the market with another outlet? Was DC going to be absorbed into UKAFL? It certainly raised a lot of questions, especially when there was no sign of Nick Wilson-Town in this new venture.

It transpired that all was not well at ‘DC Towers’ and friction between the Directors had lead to Nick downing tools and not contributing any content or work to DC.

Now in 2021, DC has been reduced down to the occasional Facebook share of non-original content having taken their website down entirely. Another very curious development I have noticed is that during this idle period of time, the DC Facebook page has gained a huge amount of followers. I think it was around 12-13k when things stopped and it’s now sitting 33k page likes, it just doesn’t add up. I heard that DC had bought likes before but this is not a small amount we are talking about here, no one who runs and cares about a Facebook page would do this as it effectively renders the page useless due to throttling of content exposure by the Facebook algorithm.

I found out that this lack of output from DC was allegedly down to a huge falling out between Mick Tyler and Double Coverage’s now majority shareholder Nick Wilson-Town over money that Mick was supposed to pay to Nick for his Double Coverage shares. On Nov 14th 2019 Nick Wilson-Town was confirmed as the 65% majority shareholder and Mick’s stake was reduced to 30%.

The amount of money involved and nature of the dispute is unknown but this is apparently being dragged through the courts with an insider telling me that Nick Wilson-Town intends on telling his entire story publicly once the matter has been resolved.

Well recently there has been some movement and on August 27th 2021 a Directors Declaration was made for the company to be struck off and dissolved. This declaration was signed by Nick Wilson-Town on August 24th 2021 and Mick Tyler on August 26th 2021. Following this, a first gazette notice for voluntary strike-off was issued for Double Coverage on September 7th 2021. This notice states that the company will be dissolved within 2 months.

So once this all happens, assumingly Nick is free and unbound to tell his story publicly. It is likely that given Mick’s latest incantation of the UKAFL, the UKFL, he will want to either counter Nick’s publication or maybe even try for a gagging order preventing it. Mick will want to avoid negative publicity at this time, especially when his grand UKFL plans are not progressing well.

In all honesty, it’s a massive shame that Double Coverage, this once-loved-but-then-ruined-by-Nick outlet won’t be back in the Britball scene again. Mick is certainly trying his best to build out the UKFL’s media arm with overkeen publications not relating to the goals of the organisation. Nick may show his face again or even start from scratch with a new brand.

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