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The Minnesota Vikings and star running back Dalvin Cook have agreed on a five-year extension, what does this deal look like?

Dalvin Cook has a five year extension with the Vikings
Pro Football Network

The extension is reportedly worth $63 million with $28 million of that guaranteed at signing. This works out at around $12.6 million per year, so a little less than the $13-$14 he was reportedly asking for over the summer. This contract effectively makes Cook the sixth highest-paid back, just ahead of Derrick Henry. He is getting paid $2.4 million less annually than Alvin Kamara whose deal was announced minutes after Cooks. It was looking more and more likely that nothing would get done as Cook and his team called contract talks off back in August. However, as these things usually go, they were able to get something done just a day before kickoff.

Fantasy players who drafted Alexander Mattison will be gutted that Cook has signed as the Vikings now have no choice but to get the most value out of him possible and Cook will want to run hard. This deal isn’t as large as many thought it would be or as lucrative as Cook wanted but for a player who has seen his fair share of injuries, it’s not bad. In just three years and 29 out of a possible 42 games, Cook has put up 2,100 yards with 17 TDs and caught 104 balls for 914 yards and a further 2 TDs. If he can keep the injuries at bay there is no reason he can’t stay as one of the top-five running backs in the league. The Vikings are banking on Cook being the every-down workhorse that he was in 2019 but it looks as if this could be a contract that doesn’t hinder them much after 2021 if they did need to get out.

What are your thoughts on this extension for Dalvin Cook?

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