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In a move that surprised no one the Seattle Seahawks have officially waived Chad Wheeler after he was arrested and charged for domestic violence.

Practically this was bound to happen anyway so I am not going to give the Seahawks credit here as he was a free agent at the end of the season.

I do wonder what kind of punishment will be dished out by the NFL to Wheeler, the NFL has been consistently inconsistent when it comes to applying punishment to its players over acts of violence.

Adrian Peterson was suspended for 6 games for hitting his 4 year old.

Kareem Hunt who was caught on video assaulting a woman was given an 8 game ban.

Josh Brown was effectively given a 7 game ban.

Zeke Elliot was also given a 6 game suspension for domestic violence.

Tyreek Hill of course was not suspended despite the leaked audio recording.

The cynic in me thinks that since Chad Wheeler is not a star and is now a free agent we may see him getting given a longer ban, but I have real questions about the process that even brought him into the league. In the excellent reporting by the Seattle Times on this is it was highlighted that Wheeler was bipolar and was not taking medication, why was nobody from the Seahawks checking in on him and his mental state? In college there were numerous red flags around him and his temper, which caused him to go undrafted. Knowing these issues which the Seahawks surely did why were safeguards not put in place around him?

Make no mistake I still hold Chad Wheeler accountable for his actions and he should be punished but for the NFL and it’s clubs need to have a long hard look at how they manage players and the support that they provide to them as well.

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