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Britball has invaded Casa Amor as Medgy Malanda joined the Love Island house this week.

The quadrilingual Malanda proudly touted that he plays Britball for the London Blitz whilst also maintaining a modelling career as well entered the Love Island house to find love but more realistically a chance to appear at nightclubs for free for the rest of his life. 

Articles from national tabloid sites such as capitalfm have speculated how Malanda earns from playing American Football, putting his yearly salary at between £25,000-£36,000 per year, reading that as someone who plays Britball I would love to know who his agent is so that I can work out that sort of deal. 

Now one thing that the tabloid articles haven’t picked up on is that Malanda doesn’t play for the London Blitz A squad but London Blitz B, which I imagine is just mainstream media not understanding Britball more so than Malanda saying it. 

But the salary estimation has many Britball players shaking their heads with confusion as to where these figures have come from.

Despite all this, I wish Malanda luck on the island and hopefully, when he gets out he can teach us all how to work 5 figure deals for our Britball clubs.  

Cover Picture Credit: Medhy Malanda: Instagram

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