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The Jurassic Coast Raptors have decided to withdraw from the BAFANL and fold, this is the second club to throw in the towel this year following the Bury Saints.

Citing that they do not have enough players to continue, the Raptors call it quits after 5 seasons in the BAFANL during which they played a total of 44 games, winning 8 and losing 36, giving them an overall win percentage of 0.19.

They either finished bottom or second from bottom every season that they played scoring an average of 10.6 points per game while conceding an average of 29.8 points per game.

Their 8 wins came against 3 different teams – Worcestershire Black Knights, Hastings Conquerors, and Torbay Trojans.

YearConferenceFinishing PositionPlayedWonLostPoints ForPoints AgainstPoints DifferenceWin %age
2016BAFANL SFC 2 South4th of 5826104269-1650.25
2017BAFANL SFC 2 West6th of 6101996327-2310.1
2018BAFANL SFC 2 West6th of 6101996327-2310.1
2019BAFANL SFC 2 South4th of 5826104269-1650.25
2021BAFANL SFC 2 South West4th of 582668119-510.25

There has been a lot of sadness expressed by the Britball Community in response to the Raptors folding. It’s never a good thing to see in any sport, but with such a close-knit and relatively small number of people in British American Football a loss like this is always going to hit hard.

To echo the sentiment of many who have posted online, we hope that these Players, Coaches, and Club Staff don’t give up on the sport and are able to find somewhere else to get involved.

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