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Our question is simple, outside of being in your team stadium watching a game, where is the best place to watch yourself some American Football?

We know that chilling in a swimming pool inside Jacksonville Jaguars Stadium is surely up there as one of the best experiences but the cost is not an option to everyone and seats in a stadium are limited. There are places in the world that are renowned for their hospitality/atmosphere while watching sports like Monaco for the Grand Prix or Germany to watch Football.

Over the years I’ve seen people watching games in bars, restaurants, hotels and even in other sporting venues.

Well, this may be it. . .

Pic: Vegas Changes

Circa Resort and Casino has recently opened up in Las Vegas and has seriously raised the bar for experience watching sports. They call it ‘Stadium Swim’ and quite frankly it looks awesome. Judging by their website they host watch parties for games as well which I can only assume will happen every time the Raiders are playing at the very least.

Pic: Discotech

They offer the option to book cabanas, poolside boxes, day beds, tables with drinks and food all to sit by the pool (or in it) and watch a gigantic screen in the sun. Does it get much better?

Pic: Nightout

A close second that I have also been to in Las Vegas was Top Golf. Not only can you hit a few balls and play some games you would find at tailgating parties, but the choice of so many sports on so many screens, exceptional food and great atmosphere.

Pic: LA Times

Can you think of anywhere better?

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