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Can Linemen wear sleeves?

Linemen are an odd breed, there can’t be many folk on the planet happy to wake up on a Sunday morning, knock the living sh*te out of someone a foot away from them for a few hours, then go for a feed and a nap, happy in the knowledge they’ve done their job.

It must be noted that there are two types of linemen. The ones numbered between 50 and 79 who, aside from the centre have absolutely zero interest in the ball or what’s happening with the pretty ‘skilled’ players, they think in terms of blocking schemes and which player in a different coloured shirt is gonna get a piece of pie.

The other ones, wearing whatever number they like (but please please please, never go SDW – single digit w*nker) play defensive line for one reason only – they can leave their brains in a jar on the side of the pitch, try to beat whoever’s in their way and snot whoever has the ball.

So, the question was asked – are they allowed to wear long sleeves? Ever since I’ve played, long sleeves on at least offensive linemen has been frowned upon but reactions from the public were definitely mixed. With almost a 50/50 split, it seems that it’s not as cut and dry as once thought.

In order to beat the cold, it seems that it can be allowed, but as one pointed out that there is a tax of a bag of haribo, another suggested they could to cover up the crowbars and metal rods,

There does seem to be some love out there for the chonky bois though, they’re allowed them if they’re 3XL and over and it’s recognised that linemen ‘have the right to body autonomy’ and that ‘big boys are beautiful’ – which brought a tear to this old man’s eye.

However, with the majority saying that linemen can not wear long sleeves ‘apart from in court’, it’s t-shirts only underneath your pads boys and girls. Just pray to the almighty above you don’t go over if you have to play on old school sh*tty astroturf!!


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