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Part 5 – Pac 12

If you’re not a fan of college football and don’t have a team, we’re continuing our path through the conferences to help you choose with the PAC 12!

With the cancellation of the 2020 British American Football Season, there is no doubt we all have a massive football-sized hole in our lives. Although the NFL is extremely popular amongst not only Britballers but people in the UK in general, there is still only a minority of people following football at the College level. So, if you are looking for something new to fill that Britball void, here is a guide to the Division 1 FBS College teams and why you should choose to follow them. Whether you choose to your team to follow based on team colours, location or current record, there will be an option for you.

Pac-12 CEO Group announces decision to schedule conference-only ...

Next up we turn our attention to the Pac 12, the home of some of the nation’s West Coast teams.

You can check out the other conference pieces here: ACC (10/7) Big 10 (11/7) SEC (12/7) Big 12 (13/7) PAC 12 (14/7) Independents and group of five (15/7)

The Pac 12 is Split into two conferences, The North and The South and at the end of the season, the top in each conference play each other for the Pac 12 Championship.

North South
California Golden Bears Arizona Wildcats
Oregon Ducks Arizona State Sun Devils
Oregon State Beavers Colorado Buffaloes
Stanford Cardinals University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) Bruins
Washington Huskies University of Southern California (USC) Trojans
Washington State Cougars Utah Utes

So, let’s get a look at the teams in the North

2020 PAC 12 California Golden Bears college football team schedule released


Formed – 1886 | Home Colours – Blue and Gold | All-time Record – 678-546-51 (.552) | National Titles – 5 Claimed | 2019 Record – 8-5

Familiar Players drafted – Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers (2005) Tony Gonzalez, Kansas City Chiefs (1997) DeSean Jackson, Philadelphia Eagles (2008) Keenan Allen, San Diego Chargers (2013) Jared Goff, LA Rams (2016)

Rivals – Stanford & UCLA

Cal may have been a powerhouse in the 1920s but they haven’t won so much as a conference title since 2006. Over the years they have produced some heavy hitters in the NFL including HOF Tony Gonzalez and future first-ballot HOF Aaron Rodgers.  They have only managed to be bowl eligible four times since 2010 and only managed as much as an eight-win season in the same time period.

Oregon Ducks

Formed – 1894 | Home Colours – Green and Yellow | All-time Record – 668-499-46 (.570) | National Titles – 0 Claimed | 2019 Record – 12-2

Familiar Players drafted – Marcus Mariota, Tennessee Titans (2015) DeForest Buckner, San Francisco 49ers (2016) Haloti Ngata, Baltimore Ravens (2006) Patrick Chung, New England Patriots (2009)

Rivals – Oregon State & Washington

Although Oregon’s official colours are green and yellow, the Ducks tend to change uniforms every week. Their kits often reflect their play with a lot of flash and excitement, however during some of the leaner years, they can be accused of having more uniforms than wins. Generally known for their exciting brand of offence, particularly under the leadership of Chip Kelly. The Ducks have won five division titles since 2011, including the 2019 title.

2020 PAC 12 Oregon State Beavers college football team schedule released

Oregon State Beavers

Formed – 1893 | Home Colours – Orange and Black | All-time Record – 542-610-50 (.472) | National Titles – 0 Claimed | 2019 Record – 5-7

Familiar Players drafted – Chad Johnson, Cincinnati Bengals (2001) Brandin Cooks, New Orleans Saints (2014) Steven Jackson, St Louis Rams (2004)

Rivals – Oregon

Oregon State hasn’t won 10 games in a season since 2006 and has failed to be bowl-eligible since the 2013 season. Generally, the Beavers have been a team in turmoil with not much to get excited about. However, the only way for them is up so get in and ride the wave.

Stanford Cardinals

Formed – 1891 | Home Colours – Cardinal and White | All-time Record – 657-467-49 (.581) | National Titles – 2 Claimed | 2019 Record – 4-8

Familiar Players drafted – Christian McCaffrey, Carolina Panthers (2017) Zach Ertz, Philadelphia Eagles (2013) Andrew Luck, Indianapolis Colts (2012) Richard Sherman, Seattle Seahawks (2011)

Rivals – Multiple

The Cardinals are known as one of the top teams in the PAC 12, and despite having a very poor 2019, they have been above the 10-win mark six times since 2010. They have produced some quality players and several tight ends. Although time difference to the West coast makes the games difficult to see, Stanford is a strong option to follow.

PAC 12 College team UW Huskies' 52 ...
The Seattle Times

Washington Huskies

Formed – 1889 | Home Colours – Purple and Gold | All-time Record – 742-453-50 (.616) | National Titles – 4 Claimed | 2019 Record – 8-5

Familiar Players drafted – Marcus Peters, Kansas City Chiefs (2015) Desmond Trufant, Atlanta Falcons (2013) Sidney Jones, Philadelphia Eagles (2017) Budda Baker, Arizona Cardinals (2017)

Rivals – Washington State

The Huskies have been a strong contender in the PAC 12 since 2011, including winning it in 2016, 2017 and 2018. They also made an appearance in the college football playoffs in 2016, where they lost to Alabama. The Huskies lay an aggressive brand of defensive football with physical DB play.

Washington State Cougars

Formed – 1894 | Home Colours – Crimson and Grey | All-time Record – 556-560-45 (.498) | National Titles – 0 Claimed | 2019 Record – 6-7

Familiar Players drafted – Gardiner Minshew, Jacksonville Jaguars (2019) Marcus Trufan, Seattle Seahawks (2003)

Rivals – Washington

Washington State under coach Mike Leach ran the Air Raid offence, possibly the most entertaining brand of offence to watch right now. However, the Cougars only managed to muster one season with a winning record of 10+ since 2003. However, they have been to a bowl game in the last five seasons. Although Coach Leach has moved on, the Cougars are likely still to be an entertaining team to follow.

So, let’s get a look at the teams in the South

6 Arizona wildcats pac 12 college team
Arizona Desert Swarm

Arizona Wildcats

Formed – 1899 | Home Colours – Cardinal and Navy | All-time Record – 617-473-33 (.564) | National Titles – 0 Claimed | 2019 Record – 5-7

Familiar Players drafted – Nick Foles, Philadelphia Eagles (2012) Rob Gronkowski, New England (2010) Nick Folk Patriots, Dallas Cowboys (2007)

Rivals – Arizona State

The Wildcats certainly aren’t a football powerhouse, but they have given us a couple of famous names over the years. Unfortunately, as a programme, they have only accomplished one ten-win season since 1998. However, if you are truly a massive Gronk fan perhaps you will make Arizona your team.

Arizona State Sun Devils

Formed – 1897 | Home Colours – Maroon and Gold | All-time Record – 622-399-24 (.607) | National Titles – 0 Claimed | 2019 Record – 8-5

Familiar Players drafted – Terrell Suggs, Baltimore Ravens (2003) Brock Osweiler, Denver Broncos (2012) Zach Miller, Oakland Raiders (2007)

Rivals – Arizona

The Sun Devils aren’t really a front runner in the PAC 12, but they certainly have been a model of consistency over recent years, being bowl-eligible in eight of the last nine seasons. They also managed back to back ten-win seasons in 2013 and 2014.

A game-by-game breakdown of the Buffs' 2019 football schedule: Part I

Colorado Buffaloes

Formed – 1890 | Home Colours – Silver, Black and Gold | All-time Record – 710-515-36 (.577) | National Titles – 1 Claimed |2019 Record – 5-7

Familiar Players drafted – Nate Solder, New England Patriots (2011) Mason Crosby, Green Bay Packers (2007)

Rivals – Nebraska, Colorado State

Much like Arizona State, the Buffaloes are a low ranked team both nationally, and in the Pac 12. They have two 10-win seasons since the year 2000 and have only been to a single bowl game since 2008. I am afraid there isn’t much positive I can give you for Colorado.

UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles) Bruins

Formed – 1919 | Home Colours – Blue and Gold | All-time Record – 602-436-37 (.577) | National Titles – 1 Claimed | 2019 Record – 4-8

Familiar Players drafted – Josh Rosen, Arizona Cardinals (2018) Takkarist McKinley, Atlanta Falcons (2017) Myles Jack, Jacksonville Jaguars (2016)

Rivals – USC, Cal

UCLA is one of the most famous names in college football and plays its home games in arguably the most famous stadium in college sports. Unfortunately, their on-field play has not reflected the magnificent stadium recently with only one winning season since 2014. However, with coach Chip Kelly heading into his third season, there is hope they can work their way back up the ranks.

Three Reasons Why the USC Trojans Will be a Better Team in 2019 ...
Conquest Chronicles

USC Trojans

Formed – 1888 | Home Colours – Cardinal and Gold | All-time Record – 710-515-36 (.577) | National Titles – 10 Claimed | 2019 Record – 8-5

Familiar Players drafted – Troy Polamalu, Pittsburgh Steelers (2003) OJ Simpson, Buffalo Bills (1969) Lynn Swann, Pittsburgh Steelers (1974) Sam Darnold, New York Jets (2018) Juju Smith-Schuster, Pittsburgh Steelers (2017) Reggie Bush, New Orleans Saints (2006)

Rivals – Notre Dame, UCLA

USC, a true college football blue blood that boasts a massive seven Heisman winners and 11 NFL Hall of Famers. Generally, the Trojans are one of those brands recognised internationally. Despite a few down years, they managed eight wins last year and are a good bet to be sitting near the top of the Pac 12 at the end of most years.

Utah Utes

Formed – 1892 | Home Colours – Red & White | All-time Record – 688-467-31 (.593) | National Titles – 1 Claimed | 2019 Record – 11-3

Familiar Players drafted – Eric Weddle, San Diego Chargers (2007) Alex Smith, San Francisco 49ers (2005) Steve Smith Sr, Carolina Panthers (2001)

Rivals – BYU, Utah State, Colorado

The Utes have established themselves at the upper end of the Pac 12. They have won nine games or more in five of the last six seasons. Since 2000, they have only missed out on being bowl-eligible in four times. Despite the fact they have lost their last two bowl games, they won four straight previous to that. Certainly, a team for the defensive folks out there with eight of their last nine players drafted being defenders.

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