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With some NFL teams releasing their new Uniforms for the 2020 season with mixed reviews. I decided to look at some of the kits that the teams across the UK show off to establish my top and bottom-5. When it comes to team kit, I’m a bit of a stickler. I like everything to match and colour coordination is key. Even my cleats and gloves had to follow the team colours, purely because, in my opinion, it is a uniform and therefore should look like it.

First off, lets set the ground rules:

  1. Coordination – from socks to helmet, there needs to be a clear link between the colour schemes, no one wants to see a green lid with an orange Jersey and blue lowers, ideally, there should be three colours.
  2. Originality – obviously it’s difficult to keep creating new looks with certain colours being favourable, but that doesn’t mean the look can’t be unique.
  3. Some creative flare – I get it lots of people like the Raiders black and silver combination, its traditional and a clean look. The problem is, it’s boring.
  4. No all black or all white, they all look good and doesn’t take much.

With the ground Rules set, time to look at what British American Football has to offer us.

So, let’s get this started with Britball’s Best Uniforms.

5. Hertfordshire Hurricanes/Tornadoes

The Hurricanes and Tornadoes share a great uniform combination with a purple, black and white combination. My only complaint with this strong submission is the plain black lowers. Either a purple or white addition here would make this a great uniform

4. Hertfordshire Cheetahs

Staying in Hertfordshire as we move up. There is a lot to like about this uniform, yellow and black is a good combination. The reason this one isn’t further up the list is also down to the game lowers being solid black. Honestly, if it had a strip of yellow down the sides it would be in the top-two.

3. Edinburgh Wolves

Edinburgh unveiled their grey and red kit, it’s a clean look and finally matching their lids, this is unique and a great looking kit. The red stripe down the ribs and outside of the leg is a classy extra. Not to mention it has Lamborghini as a sponsor. 

2. UWE Bullets

A strong look from the Bullets earns them the No. 2 spot, white Jersey with red trim and logo on the shirt goes well with the black helmet, lowers and socks all with red trim. A very simple but smart looking kit. Need to get those kneepads down a little though.

1. Tamworth Phoenix 

Not only are Tamworth a strong outfit on the field, but their orange and black team kit is also the best in Britball. Not only is it a rarely used colour scheme, but the black trim and use of the team logo on the jersey and lowers also make this an all-round great uniform. They say “look good, play good”, and the Phoenix certainly do both.

Do you agree with us? Let us know!

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