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Championship rings are a staple of American Based Sports and of football teams at all levels from high school all the way to the Super Bowl Champions but what do we have in Britball?

With many of the College teams receiving their Bowl game and Championship Rings this month such as LSU’s SEC, College Football Playoff and National Championship rings. I thought I would look around at some of the examples of the hardware teams in the UK have had made to record their success. Whether it’s for a Division title or the National championship, each one is important to those who earned them.

Britball Championship Rings lsu
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Generally, when team rings are made, they are designed to contain a story of the team’s history and season. For example, take the LSU National Championship Rings, it holds the College Football Playoff trophy in the middle and four stones above to mark their four Football Championships. The ring also contains the phrases “Hold that Tiger” and “One team one heartbeat” Both Phrases repeatedly used by HC Orgeron. On one side of the ring is the state of Louisiana with “LSU” inside it and their record “15-0” On the other side is a detailed image of Tiger Stadium with the words “Geaux Tigers” written in the stands.

Each ring is designed as a personal trophy for every member of the team as a reward for the work put into achieving their goals. Although Britball doesn’t have the Glamour of the College Football National Championship, teams still like to apply this process to their individual teams to mark their successful seasons with rings. So, let’s look at some of the rings around the British Leagues.


The Renegades conquered the SFC2 in 2017 and rewarded themselves with these rings as a reward for their efforts. A sizable ring and simple design including the team logo, with a header of BAFA NL SFC2 and a footballer of champions. One Side has the players name and position on it, while the other side has the team name and the Britball Numerals.

Britball Championship Rings Berkshire Renegades
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The Revolution also got their rings for their championship-winning 2017 Season, this time in the NFC2. Slightly different styling on this one with a purple background and black outer edging. The team name is split between the top and bottom border, with NFC2 down the left and 2017 down the right. One side has the words “Undefeated” and the teams season record, the other side has the word “Champions”, as well as a helmet containing the individual’s initials and the score from the final game.

Britball Championship Rings Shropshire Revolution
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BAFA’s furthest North league Britball team got their rings for their 2018 NFC2 Championship Season. A smaller ring that is wearable, it has a slightly similar style to that of the Revolution. The name is split between the top and bottom, with NFC2 on the Left and 2018 on the right. One side has “Undefeated”, the Britbowl Numerals and 11-0 record. The other side has “Champions”, a shield with player details in it and the scoreline and team initials from the final right at the bottom.

Britball Championship Rings Aberdeen Roughnecks


Durham Saints got their rings for winning the BUCS Premiership National Championship in 2018. Quite a beast of a ring with a smart and simple top of the ring with a clean logo at its heart. Although I haven’t seen all of it, you can see one side has the wearers name on the side.

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Gridiron Strong


Probably one of the smartest looking ones I have found, the London Warriors ring from their first-ever National Championship victory. With the Britbowl Numerals on one side of the top and Champions on the other, leaves plenty of space for some bling as well as a great detailed version of arguably Britballs Smartest looking team crest. A fine crowning piece to commemorate becoming the best team in the UK.

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Merseyside Nighthawks

The Nighthawks became the National League Champions in 2014 in a thriller over the Edinburgh Wolves. As a result, they then got these rings made. Dark number heavy in black with red trim allowing the Nighthawk’s logo to stand out clearly right at the heart of the ring. One of the sides has the team name with Britbowl and numerals on it, as well as the year it was won

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The Cheetahs got hardware for their 2018 SFC2 Championship Season. A clean example of a ring despite the fact I must admit the “eye” shape is personally not my favourite style. With “2018 SFC2” at the top, “Champions” at the bottom and a great detailed logo in the middle. One side has the team name, the season record and the score from the final. The other side has the players name, a helmet with their number and their position at the bottom.

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These were some of the examples I could get access to, so if you have an example of your own championship ring, please post them in the comments.

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