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Looking into the best ways you can possibly win a Britball game and the ugliest ways you can lose one!

With it being April the first, rather than produce some made up headline about the Jaguars making the permanent switch to London I thought I would take a look at a bit of the lighter side to Britball to give us all a laugh this April fools. 

So instead, I decided to look at some of the best ways to win and the worst ways to lose a Britball Game. In turn hopefully some of you tell us the greatest ways to win and the clown show ways to lose that you’ve endured as a player, coach or even witnessed as an official or a fan. 

Now they say there is no Bad way to win and no good way to lose. But if we are being honest not all wins are created equal and while there may be no good way to lose, there are some truly horrible ways to do it. 

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Best ways to win, now when we think of best ways to win you think back to games like the Miracle in the meadowlands where the Eagles stormed back against the Giants and with only seconds left the Giants mistakenly punted the ball to Deshaun Jackson who firstly muffed the catch and then duly returned it for a Touchdown. Or in College ball think of the 2007 Boise State Fiesta Bowl win over Oklahoma, converting on 4th and 11 via a Hook and Ladder play to tie the game, then running a statue of Liberty play for a 2-point play in Overtime to land them the win. 
But what about in Britball where we rarely get to see some of those close games, we all love and the lack of overtime means sometimes we just have to endure the anti-climax of a tie.

There are however opportunities to win a game in dramatic fashion even without it. One of my favourite ones I have experienced in Britball was when a plucky underdog Aberdeen team blew the chance of a Perfect season for the Newcastle Vikings by Scoring a TD as the clock hit 0:00 and nailing the PAT to secure a 14-13 Victory, cue the party bus on the long journey back. 

Sometimes on those rare occasions however we do get the joy of overtime. Personally, I was part of a double overtime win in the NFC2 North final in a game that finished well after it was Dark. That in its self was great, but the result was sealed by a walk off sack from the game’s MVP and to be honest it doesn’t get much better than that. 

But what about you, what was the best way to win that you witnessed? 

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So, what about the Losses? 

When you think of bad ways to blow a game your mind goes to moments such as the New Orleans Saints playoff loss against the Minnesota Vikings in 2017. With only a few seconds on the clock and a 1-point lead and the Vikings on their own 39-yard line, DB Williams literally dived out of the way of Diggs instead of tackling him in bounds, allowing him to walk in a game winning TD. Or in College football the Infamous Michigan Mishandled Punt to lose to state rivals Michigan State. With 10 seconds left punting away, the punter dropped the ball, before picking it up and instead of eating the loss of yards elected to try and punt it, only to lose the ball again and Michigan State returned it for a walk off Touchdown. 

Ive only encountered one such horror shows of a way to lose a game in Britball and fortunately it wasn’t my team that committed it. In what was quite frankly one of the most horrific of weather conditions, a game between Aberdeen and Glasgow was about to end in a 0-0 tie when with only seconds left on the clock the Glasgow Quarterback dropped back and under no pressure dropped the ball where it proceeded to roll into the end zone. Although the QB recovered the ball it was a Safety and the game was over with a 2-0 score line. 

Now I am sure some of you out there have seen some horrible stuff, now is your time to share it with the Britball community!

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