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With a delay until the start of the new season, I thought I would provide this handy guide for new and returning players. Let me know if I have missed anything in the comments!


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Football America UK

According to article 4 section B of the BAFRA rulebook “Face masks and helmets with a secured four- or six-point chin strap. If a chin strap is not secured, it is a violation. Officials should inform players when all snaps are not secured without charging a timeout unless the player ignores the warning. Players of a team should wear helmets of the same colour and design, and facemasks of the same colour.”

Shoulder Pads

From the BAFRA rule book under section 4 C, shoulder pads do appear to be mandatory.


From section d of article 4 “An intra-oral mouthpiece of any readily visible colour (not white or transparent) with FDA-approved base materials (FDCS) that covers all upper teeth. It is recommended that the mouthpiece be properly fitted.”

Knee Pads

Shocking I know but apparently these are also a requirement despite the 23 stone lineman at training telling you they make it harder to run fast, these are actually mentioned as necessary. It is so important that they are actually mentioned in section A of article 4 so the argument could be made that they are the most essential.

“Soft knee pads at least one-half-inch thick that must cover the knees and covered by pants. No pads or protective equipment may be worn outside the pants. Players of a team should wear pants of the same colour. Skateboard knee pads or any other type of pads worn outside the pants or jersey are prohibited.”

Tinted Visor

How else are you going to hide that concussion from coach?

Full rules can be found here:

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  1. Stuart Galloway on 13th January 2021 at 11:30 am

    Completely agree. I would add eye black to the list but I feel, it’s only one person that buys it and everyone scrounges

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