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Previewing season – Caledonia Division

The Caledonia Division is made up of Scotland’s Sole Premier Division team, The Edinburgh Wolves and the three Division one teams, East Kilbride Pirates, Glasgow Tigers and the Inverclyde Goliaths. An interesting mix of teams and playing styles should make this a good division to watch. Due to the Aberdeen Roughnecks withdrawal each team will play the other teams twice each.



Division 1

2019 record – 9-1

Last Game – 21-20 Loss @Sandwell

The Pirates mostly dominated their opponents during the regular season last time out with te exception of their close games against the Northumberland Vikings. They led 20-0 at half time against the Sandwell Steelers before the team from Birmingham roared their way back to a win and securing their place in the premier Division.

Ceiling: 6-0

Floor:    4-2

The crown for Scotlands best team is up for grabs this year with the Wolves being moved into the regionalised league this year. The Pirates will be keen to show they are ready to return to the prem. I think worst case for the Pirates is 2 losses to the Wolves. Best case is they go undefeated.




Premier Division

2019 record – 3-7

Last Game – 47-6 Win v Leicester Falcons

The Wolves had a difficult 2019 campaign in the premier Division, but they ended the season above the Falcons and the Giants to ensure their place in the Premiership with an emphatic win against the Falcons. Following the season, Britball Legend Don Edmonston stepped down as Head Coach and has left enormous shoes to fill. This season could be what the Wolves needed to prepare for a return to Premiership competition in 2022.

Ceiling: 6-0

Floor:    4-2

I see the Wolves stiffest competition coming from the Pirates. These two teams played out some interesting games in 2018 and I suspect they will look to continue that trend. How much will the loss of Coach Edmonston impact them this year and could it be enough to allow the Pirates to retake the crown of Scotlands best.



Division 1

2019 record – 4-6

Last Game – 15-12 Loss @ Yorkshire Rams

The Tigers have changed their look and opted for the Cincinnati Bengal like Striped lids; however, they never got the chance to show them off with all the time out. Rookie day turnout as preparation for 2020 had looked strong and whether they have managed to build on their squad will dictate where they finish.

Ceiling: 2-4

Floor:    0-6

The Tigers will be looking to the games against Inverclyde for their wins this season but will like to be competitive with EKP ahead of 2022. They split the series with Aberdeen in 2019 so losing them from this division probably takes the easiest team out of their schedule.



Division 1

2019 record – 6-2

Last Game – 36-27 Win v Halton Spartans – NFC2 Final

The Goliaths entered the league as an affiliate in 2019 and won the NFC title in their first year. It was not without some road bumps including 2 losses along the way. However, once they hit the playoffs, they turned into a different animal with wins over teams that included Birmingham Bulls and the Final against the Spartans.

Ceiling: 2-4

Floor:    0-6

The Goliaths will be looking to show they are division 1 calibre this year and put up a fight against all the teams in this division, although I think the only likely wins will come against the Glasgow Tigers if they get any.

The Aberdeen Roughnecks have withdrawn from the league this season because their squad numbers have dropped so dramatically from 2019 where they had a squad of over 40. They may well have been the weakest team going into this division anyway which means the rest of the teams will just play each other twice. Shame on them for leaving it so late and not pulling out before the structure was in place.

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  1. Paul Breen on 29th July 2021 at 9:40 am

    Sounds like it’s going to be good to watch this division, hope some of the games are on Live tv.

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